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#009 - Naomi Lindner - Healing with Aura Readings - Transcript

Amanda Parker: Welcome to today's episode of Don't Step on the Bluebells. I'm here today with the incredible Naomi Barnouw-Lindner, and we're going to be talking about her wealth of experience helping people in their personal development, in their professional development, specifically tapping into some of the tools that she uses in her coaching [00:01:00] practice, which blends together aura readings.

I am so excited for this conversation because this is definitely a topic that I'm not as familiar with and I'm really keen to learn and hear more about your experience. Thank you so much for joining us here and welcome to Don't Step on the Bluebells, Naomi.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Thank you Amanda for this introduction and I'm also happy to be here.

Amanda Parker: Yeah, well, we were connected by someone that we both know who told me you definitely need to get in touch and even in our first conversation the intention wasn't necessarily to be on the podcast but after having a few, you know, questions and understanding of what it is that you do there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to learn more and share a bit more of your gifts and what you do with our listeners here. So, let me start us off gently. Sometimes I dive into the questions very deep right [00:02:00] away. Um, why don't you tell me, for starters, where are you actually based in the world?

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: I'm based in the Netherlands . I have my practice where I see people live, but I also can do my work on a distance online via Zoom. But most of the time I work here from the space you see here. uh, The Hague Center, the Netherlands.

Amanda Parker: So I haven't actually been to The Hague, not yet. Spent some time in Amsterdam, but I'm keen to, I think I can take the Eurorail over there from London. Come visit.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Oh, if, if you're there, uh, let me know.

Amanda Parker: Yeah.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: And then we'll meet up and, uh, have a nice walk on the beach over here.

Amanda Parker: So we're going to be talking today about aura reading and getting an understanding of that and I think for a lot of people, myself included, we're not always [00:03:00] really sure what exactly is an aura. Could you give some light about what that word really means?

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: For me it's about, um, the energy system we have, around us as human beings, but which also goes through our body. So, I always say it's your energy system and with, has different layers, but also has the chakras, has, uh, the energy centers in it.

So it's the energy system, around us and what goes through us.

Amanda Parker: And I have understood in the past that aura also has to do with colors. So my understanding had been that there's something to do with colors that you can see or feel. Is that true or am I off track here?

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: No, you're, you're not off track because, Yes, an aura,, has to do with colors, [00:04:00] but not only with colors. A lot of people think, when I'm providing Aura readings, oh, then you see all the colors around the people. But, when I'm tuned in within an oral reading, I, um, observe the information which comes through the energy system of the person, for which I'm doing the reading and in connection with, I call it the universal library and, um, the information from the Aura or the different chakras can, uh, There can be colors, but it can also be, images and pictures, which, which I see or, feeling things.

So, um, I developed, my psychic abilities. And, I like to call it, in this aura and in this energy field, I am able to observe the subtle information and the subtle, how do you say that, reality, of things. And sometimes it has to do with images that I see or things that I hear or feel.

So it's [00:05:00] not only about the colors and most of the time when you see an aura in a picture on the internet or in books, you see the different colors of the chakras, but during the reading, it's not about that.

Amanda Parker: Okay. Yeah, I'm so excited to dive into that. I know we'll get into the way that you work a bit more as we go further in the conversation, but that already helps because for me, it also has been an understanding. Ah, okay. So there's something to do with the color here.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Oh, yeah. Uh, what I would like to mention with this, I call it energy system, but, uh, actually you can speak about the energetic body we also have. So we have our physical body and our bones and muscles and things, and there is this energetic body.

Amanda Parker: So, you mentioned something else before that I find, I mean, personally, really fascinating. And I think people are really curious about this. In the work that you do, you've [00:06:00] also had to tune into your psychic abilities more. Could you talk about what that means a little bit more? Because I think some people either have no idea what that is, or are like, yes, I want to do that too.

What is it? How do I do it?

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Um, Yeah, it's about the, yeah, your, yeah, your six senses, you can call it that as well, or your intuitive gifts we all have. And in the last years, I also had, uh, an education of two years in, developing, my skills for reading auras. When I'm doing a reading, in my case, I'm sitting with my eyes closed. So I developed to see with my inner eye. And sometimes, uh, the information come through, images. It's like a film that I see. So you can call it clairvoyance.

Amanda Parker: Mm hmm.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: And, and sometimes it's about feeling. Knowing. So that are the [00:07:00] psychic abilities is about, um. Yeah, I think the six senses and the information which comes through, does not come from myself.

Amanda Parker: Yeah, that's, that's really helpful to understand that when you're talking about psychic abilities, and I think you're right, I think universally this is what it means, um, that you're really developing your intuitive senses, you're developing that inner knowing and wisdom. that trust within yourself that when you're closing your eyes and you're getting this information that you trust that it's real, that it's true, that you can rely on it.

So the psychic abilities have a lot to do with tuning out the noise and like the physical reality around you and for you closing your eyes actually but going within to really tap into that inner sense, that intuition, getting the answers you need from there.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Tune in [00:08:00] and, uh, observe and see the subtle energies. Some people, a lot of people sometimes call it the unseen worlds. Do you know that, that they're talking about, okay, I'm connected with the unseen world. I like to call it, I'm connected with the subtle, uh, um, reality because for me, it's not unseen because it's there as well.

And I learned, um, yeah, um, how to see it and, um, how to see it and how to tap into that.

Amanda Parker: So, you're helping people tap into deeper levels of, well, really personal power, personal knowing, helping them to grow and develop in the ways that they want to. And my interpretation of that is that it's very healing work. [00:09:00] I'd love to hear from you what. What does healing mean for you?

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Yeah, well, that's direct and interesting question and of course I'm going to tell you what healing means for me. But, I also have to laugh a bit because, um, you know, the word healing is a regular term used in the field of work we are in , uh, you know, with coaching, therapy and

I'm laughing, but because sometimes I'm questioned that word because with the word heal, I also connected with the word broken.

And in my point of view, everyone is whole by themselves and not broken. So before I'm going to, tell you some more about my definition about healing, I would like to share some words of, yeah, a medicine, woman, which are applicable in, my field of business, but also in your work, I'm for sure.

And I think that's relevant.

So it's a [00:10:00] medicine's woman's prayer. I will not rescue you for you are not powerless. I will not fix you for you are not broken. I will not heal you for I see you in your wholeness. I walk with you to the darkness as you remember your lights. It's written by Cherie Bliss Tisley I really like these words because in my opinion they're relevant because we're talking about healing, but in my vision we are already whole, in essence, always.

But of course, Amanda, I'm understand that I'm not here to discuss the word healing very literally. And of course, I have, my own definition about healing. For me, actually, you can say that healing comes when when triggers disappear. Healing it is about personal development and personal [00:11:00] leadership. But, for me, healing has to do with everything with balancing or harmonizing your energy flow. And sometimes that can be, done with, working with, bigger traumas, doing the deep work of, um, now yeah, feeling things that are maybe older, to heal things.

But in my point of view, healing also, can be found in, in daily life, whether, for example, You've worked too long at your computer and you really need a break and you go outside for that walk to the park. That can be healing as well. And that is also about balancing or harmonizing your energy system.

It's about, taking care of oneself and sometimes it has to do with deep, deep inner work which touches, uh, bigger traumas. But [00:12:00] sometimes healing also has to do with, yeah, the little daily things of taking care of yourself by going on a walk or taking a bath or whatever. Listening to music can also be healing.

Amanda Parker: So I hear as well that within your definition of healing, that there is this assumption, this knowing, that we're not broken. So you're not trying to fix something or piece it back together, you're simply trying to help people really come back to remembering their own wholeness.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: yes. Yes, yes. Sometimes things can be out of harmony or balance. I like the word harmony and there's work to be done, to, yeah, to feel that wholeness again, to experience that wholeness. .

Amanda Parker: I think it's a really important distinction because you're right, we take the words for granted that we're [00:13:00] used to using in our practice and I wasn't always comfortable using the word healing, it's really only In the last year that I'm using that word myself, recognizing, oh, actually, this work is very healing, whether it's coaching or Reiki, or even just having these conversations in the podcast and getting the word out about all these different modalities that people can engage in.

But I think it's also worth calling out that, yeah, we don't have the same definition always. It doesn't always mean the same thing. And It's okay if that word doesn't resonate with everyone because everyone listening may also be like, uh, healing, well, uh, that's not really for me. Or you have an assumption of what it's supposed to mean and it doesn't resonate.

So I appreciate that you call that out. Ha ha.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I had to laugh because, of course I'm using it because it's so regular in our [00:14:00] field of business to work with that word. And, I hear it saying myself as well. "Oh, that was, that was a healing" so of course.

Amanda Parker: Well, I think at the end of the day, I'm gonna have a, you know, glossary of the word healing with 35 definitions because everyone has their own understanding of what that really means. And that, for me, is powerful and shows it's not just one thing. It means many things to different people and you get to choose and decide.

Does this word have relevance for me, and in what way? So, I'll let you know when the glossary is, uh, up and out in the world.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: it would be nice to do that,

to see all these different definitions. That's nice.

Amanda Parker: Hmm. So, maybe you can tell us a bit about your background and how you got into this work. So, I used to have this assumption. that people who did work that was helping others, you know, were living kind [00:15:00] of in the woo woo world and not really living in reality. And I don't know what else I had in my mind until I started working in the field and getting to know other people and recognizing, oh, they're just Just normal humans who have regular lives and then all of a sudden this amazing thing happens or you get interested.

So I'd love to hear your story. How did you get to do this kind of work?

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Yeah, uh, yeah, thanks. It's nice that you say that. Yeah, they're just normal people who walk on this earth and doing things.

Well, um, yeah, my story, you know, there are a lot of stories to tell about me, because, I can say I have a really full and rich Life full of life experiences. I've been born 41 years ago in near to the city of Rotterdam and, I grew up, uh, with a family, what, how's the English word, more or less, atheistic, [00:16:00] uh, we didn't talk about, any, bigger thing like a God or, connecting with spirituality.

It wasn't there. And also, um, it's good to mention that with my parents, we didn't go out to nature as well. I really lived a city life. And a good thing is that, I really had a connection with horses, so I could go on horse riding. And actually, that was the part that helped me to be connected with the nature as well, being with the horses.

Uh, that was also very healing , being with the horses. But then, I can remember as well that when I was, in the last year of primary school, you could get, um. How do you say that? Religious lessons about, about the Bible. It was optional to follow these classes, and I really loved these classes.

I was so interested in that. So, you know, when I was little, these, [00:17:00] um, curiosity about the mystics of life and being here and the earth actually was already there and, When I, uh, got older, when I was, how do you say that? You have primary school and then you have secondary.

Amanda Parker: highschool,

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: when

I was at my, yeah, high school college, uh, let's call it high school, then the parents of a good friend of mine, they opened a spiritual shop in Rotterdam

And oh, I loved it. All the, the essence and the stones and the books that were out there, but really understanding or feeling it wasn't there, but I was interested in that. There were seeds planted there. And then when I was at high school, I wanted to study psychology, but things went different and I didn't study psychology.

I studied, uh, communication, um, uh, did a bachelor in communication and, um, [00:18:00] had a student time with a lot of partying. And then I,

Amanda Parker: So you are a normal student. Ha, Ha,

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: normal student hanging out,

dancing, partying, and, uh, okay, I went to that study and I managed to get my bachelor, but sometimes if I ask myself, how do I did?

I was, yeah, it was really, really fun traveling, partying and having fun. And then, started in corporate business in the field of human resources. I also studied that later on human resources management, got my bachelor in that field of business.

But the first 10 year of my own, career was in human resources and recruitment.

Amanda Parker: I mean, you're, You're giving us the picture that you had these curiosities, but I would say this spiritual work maybe wasn't so ingrained in who you were, what you were seeking out. But there was just interest here and there. And you were going through your studies. And [00:19:00] then...

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: And then I worked, and during the time between my, let's say, twenties and, and thirties, I was mainly busy with doing my work, uh, but I have to admit, although I was doing yoga, I was, reading things and interested in that, that spirituality, and, personal development, at that time, if I look back, I was everywhere.

I was all over the place, but not by myself And, in 2012, I started my coaching business from the motivation that I saw so many people, talking about work life and career. Being in a work space, it doesn't really match his talents and didn't gave them energy. And, uh, I really liked the one to one, coaching session.

So I started my, coaching practice. Um,

Amanda Parker: Did you, were you still working in a corporate role or did [00:20:00] you like leave to train to be a coach or how did that transition happen?

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: I started from my own talents and I was lucky that there was, Marshall Kaiser. I know his name. Exactly. He had a business in, coaching people and he said to me, okay, I believe in your abilities. I will provide your clients where you can work me. So he provide me the first clients.

And in the first time I combined my coaching with interim, assignments in recruitment as well, once in a while. But then, in 20 14, I, said, okay, I'm going to have a full focus on coaching. And in the meantime I had, a daughter and I was pregnant with a twin, which were my twins.

So, uh, but then at 2012 with starting my own coaching business I started to develop myself as well in personal development, but also in professional development. [00:21:00] And, that's where, yeah, where my healing journey started.

Amanda Parker: Well, it sounds also like you became a mom of three shortly after beginning your own business, so I'm sure that was learning by fire as well.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Yeah, I can't remember that at of course Quitting my job in corporate business was a big thing if you're talking about security and all that kind of things. So I quitted my job And then I found out it was in the last week I was working there, uh, that I was pregnant. And of course, Mila, she was, she is, and was very welcome, but it was like, okay, I'm pregnant now and I quit, I quit my job. and I know that my manager, Ron, offered me, he said,, you can come back when your baby is born, just come back and be our human resources officer for three days a week. But there was a strong feeling inside that, I knew no, that's [00:22:00] not the way.

Amanda Parker: It's. It's. so amazing to me how much, because I've been on the entrepreneurial journey myself since 2018, how much courage, and I would say in my case, naivete, it took to just go out on your own. And especially, it sounds like you really had that very clear Guidance within that was telling you, okay, this, maybe you didn't know exactly where it was going to land or what it was going to look like, but you knew very clearly what wasn't working for you and you honored that.

I think a lot of people get stuck in that space that they know it's not working, but they don't know what's next and they're a little bit too afraid to move forward. So they stay. It sounds like there was a lot of courage in your journey to just say, no, I know this isn't right. I have all this security.

I'm having a kid. I have security, like, no, thanks. I'm going to leave this behind [00:23:00] and go out on your own. And then it brought you to this place where you're now over 10 years into your coaching practice, which bravo, because you've really made it. You're here and have been able to integrate these spiritual principles into your work as well.

So you said that came a bit later, I understand. How did the aura readings or the more spiritual element of what you do come into practice?

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: In coaching, I'm well educated to use different tools, whether it are, assignments, conversations, or whether it is, working with, with a systemic, family constellations or voice dialogue, these are the tools that I have in my toolbox, but always my strong own intuition was there- in my coaching [00:24:00] business as well.

And then talking about aura reading, um. Well, it was 2018 that I decided by myself that I would like to receive an Aura reading. But I have to admit at that time, of course, you know, personal development in my point of view, it's an ongoing process. So, of course, I always have my own teams on things where I work on.

But at that time, there wasn't really a big issue I wanted to look at, to work at. I was just curious, to be honest, If that was possible, receiving an aura reading. So actually, my intention was the curiosity.

I was there in 2018 and I got an aura reading and she was tuned in to my, seven main chakras. And I was so, uh, how do you say that? Oh, let's see, now I forgot the English word then. um, [00:25:00] I got surprised in a good way about the amount of clear, useful, practical information that came through about me, which went direct to the core, to the essence. And I was like, oh, wow.

Amanda Parker: Do you, do you have any example of something maybe that she had said that was like, oh my gosh.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Not, not from my own reading, but you know, uh, tuning in on my, my foot chakras, she could see how I take steps, the parts that work specifcally, characteristics of mine, but also, see how it is now, but also, uh, what can be supportive to get it more, in line with, , purpose, but also, energy of flow.

And I was like, that's interesting for my coaching [00:26:00] clients because I was like, when receiving an aura reading. Sometimes they can skip two or three coaching sessions, but because it provides so much deep information, which go to the essence, that is interesting. So I started to hire Simone, my teacher in Aura Reading for my clients for a couple of years. And that worked out well because my clients had coaching with me. And if they are interested in a reading then Simone came, came, I wasn't there. She did the reading. And then, we got further with the coaching and that works fine. And I wasn't even not thinking about, , I'm going to do that by myself.

However, at that time, , it was also a time that I got, connected with shamanic principles and went, for the first time I went to sweat lodges, I did a, a vision quest, so, uh, my connection with the earth.

Amanda Parker: I'm going to have to [00:27:00] stop you here because I need you to tell me what is, you know, what's a vision quest, what's a sweat lodge.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Okay. A vision quest is a really, beautiful, ritual, rite of passage., where I went, uh, four days and four nights into the wood without food, only water. And then you stay in the forest.

And in my case, it was a beautiful forest, in France, by your own. And of course, you are, uh, guided in the base camp where you have your preparations with other participants, and, then you are four days and four nights alone with yourself and the wood. No food, so if you're talking about, um, connecting with yourself and the earth, and now if you're talking about healing, there was a healing experience and of course also, uh, difficult, with no food and four days all by yourself, [00:28:00] not talking only nature, then yeah, then you will meet yourself

for sure.

And so I, I, was, connecting, with, these ancient wisdoms. And then, Simone did our readings for me in my practice and that went okay. But then I had a dream that she was giving classes and I was in that class. And then, some weeks later, she told me, Hey Naomi, I'm going to, set up, education to educate, people, in, intuitive development and aura reading. And that's what I saw in my dream, but then still it didn't have the feeling. Oh, is, is this really my purpose, but I followed that dream. And then, then I got into a deep dive of two years into that education to explore that world and, to [00:29:00] explore my own, aura and energy system and, to practice in doing readings.

But I still, I had at that time two moments that I was like, okay, I know it's all around me. It's, it's, it's, um, uh, I can do this and it, it goes, easily. But I still wasn't convinced that it was my purpose to do it in my practice. And I, I actually, I, wanted to quit that education for two times.

Because I was like, is this really the thing that I have to do, but then before I ended education, I got an email of somebody and there was nothing on my websites about reading. And she asked me, "Hi, Naomi, what's your tariff for providing an Aura reading?" You know, I was behind my kitchen desk and that email came and I was like, okay. I went outside and I was like, okay, what are you [00:30:00] going to do? Are you going to ignore this again? Are you going to say no? Or, and then, that was the moment I fully said YES, um, to do this, because, for me Providing reading is really a cooperation with, the source, the love, spirit, it's for the good of all. So I said yes, fully committed.

Amanda Parker: Yeah,

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Uh, to do, to, to carry this as well.

Amanda Parker: yeah. I mean, you, you went all in, you really committed, and you followed this path. It is like a calling. Like, accepting your calling. Ha

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: yeah, yeah. And that accepting that calling, that was, uh, that was kind of process as well. But then that email came and I was like,

Amanda Parker: Hmm.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Yeah, so, so, and that, and then from, from then on, it was actually already there from then on, uh, yeah, I do it by [00:31:00] myself here in my practice. Yeah.

Amanda Parker: I find it fascinating, I'm, I'm reading a book now, unrelated, well, not fully unrelated, but unrelated, uh, called The Body Keeps the Score,

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Bessel van der Kolk.

Amanda Parker: and it's, it's, just phenomenal, um, and for anyone who hasn't heard of him or heard of this book, it's really just about our relationship to trauma or traumatic experiences, the way that we experience life, the way that we store memories and whether painful or otherwise within our body, the way that we The book, I haven't been able to put it down since I picked it up, and it's, it's a heavy topic.

It's not light content. I believe that his writing is phenomenal because it's a lot of storytelling. So he explains different principles and concepts through story, but I just had the realization That the reason why I can't put it down and I love it and I'm [00:32:00] so excited to be learning this is because I'm meant to be learning this.

Like there's something in that for me, whereas someone else might pick up this book and it doesn't interest them. So I'm relating that to what you shared where there's, with the aura reading, it's something was just calling you to it. There was no other option. You accepted the call. You questioned the call.

You said, am I really meant to do this? And every step of the way, a new door opened that showed you, yes, you're supposed to take this forward. It's gonna be easy. I mean, easy is relative, but actually calling you forward into what that next path is.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: yeah, to step into that, yeah, that's exactly, uh, yeah, what you say, that's, that's how I experienced it, because it was very easy for me not to do it, because it, it, it was in my practice already, and it worked very nice, the cooperation with Simona, and then a [00:33:00] client, so, yeah, yeah.

Amanda Parker: So when someone is coming in, and I'm going to bring us to your practice today, right, so someone comes in, and they want to work with you. And I know that they're coming in, there's also the coaching side of the practice, but It's no mistake that they find you to support them. What does that relationship look like?

Are people coming in just for aura readings? Is it always in combination with coaching? Or how do you work?

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: No, because my work is , always, uh, customized so, I always have, an intake session to get to know my client and to hear what's, uh, what's the question they have, what's the team they're with and what are they expecting, in my coaching.

So, it's not, always that people, have an aura reading, [00:34:00] during coaching. But at this time, everything is possible because, uh, you know, I meet the, um, the question of my clients, but most of the time people are coming here with a question related on a career or a personal leadership. And, they have a few coaching sessions with me where an Aura reading is an integrated part. And it's also possible that, people book just an Aura reading. But if I have to put it in, percentage, I think that, 80 percent is having an Aura reading with, coaching sessions as well. And 20%, are, are just having one Aura reading. .

Amanda Parker: mm. And so when someone comes in to work with you, what does that approach look like? I know it's customized, so it's hard to say. There's no universal way that you work with people, but if I were to say hey, I'm really [00:35:00] you know struggling in my career I don't know what I want to do next. I don't know where to go from here. By the way. I really want an aura reading How would you work with them?

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Yeah. Most most of the time they say they don't say by the way, I really want an aura reading but they say, "Hey, I saw on your website that you have an holistic approach and you're doing something with aura reading and I don't have experience with it, but um..." You know, they feel that they want to receive it.

Well, uh, of course it's always custom made, but if you are talking about, the kind of questions, people come with me, it always has a link with, and it's a broad, words with energy management.

But then when you're talking about energy management, where I strongly , believe in is talent management, get to know your own talents. And there's a difference between, being very competent in [00:36:00] something or, working in your talents. Because competence, when you are working hard and learning things, you can, not everything, uh, but you can be competent in a lot of things. And, whether it has to do with, making career choices or being on a good, work life path, or it has to do with personal leadership, Most of the time, you can always connect it to talents. So what I do with people , in my vision, it's very useful and meaningful to reconnect with really your core talents and if you are connected with the core talents, and also see all the positive things. When, we're talking about limiting, beliefs or certain patterns, a lot of the time, pitfalls or patterns that doesn't work out that much are connected to talents.

And [00:37:00] that's fair, very interesting. And when you're talking about a talent, then we're also talking about, in my point of view, the part of the heart. And if you're talking about, doing what your, heart desires are Yeah.

But then you're also aligning with soul and and Yeah. When providing Aura readings, uh, talents are also visible.

Amanda Parker: Just with that one statement, people are going to be knocking down your door. Because the reality is, so many people don't know, like, we're trained, many of us are trained and we watch the world around us and We see role models, or we learn what we're supposed to be doing. I'm saying that with quotation marks.

We're supposed to do X, Y, Z, because our family expects it, or society expects it. That you get to a certain point in your life, [00:38:00] and you don't even really know what you love. What you're good at, what you enjoy. You just know I'm, I am, you know, I was a project manager forever. I still project manage my own projects, but I was really good at it, but I didn't want to be a professional project manager.

That wasn't my thing, but I was good. I was organized, I could get things done, I could motivate people to get their work done, but it took over 10 years of my career to realize, no, I don't want to do that. How do I get out of this? And it sounds like what you're talking about is Really helping people see their natural talents, which maybe there's other words like I might use for that word talent that you're using that could be a bit of purpose or passion or like that natural affinity that you have for something, like someone might be a natural communicator or, for [00:39:00] example, and helping them really connect into what that is, which is a healing path completely because you finally feel, Ah, this feels good.

I'm excited about this. I can do this. I want to do this kind of work. So you're helping connect people in and what I'm also hearing from you is that when you're doing the aura reading piece of the work that you do, you can actually see those talents very clearly. With the person sitting in front of you.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: yeah, yeah, well, it depends on, because, uh, I always, uh, trust that what I can see during an aura reading, and I always also set the attention that, um, I, uh, I can see and give the information the person in front of me can hear at that specific

moment. So, you know, when I, uh, provide a reading for you [00:40:00] today, I will tune in in what's, uh, uh, what's relevant for Amanda to hear at this moment, 9th of January, 2024. I never know, before reading what kind of information will come through and sometimes it's about talent and sometimes it's about, uh, how do you say that? Old, uh, patterns, which came from, childhood, and a coping mechanism, which you can see in the base chakra or the belly chakra, something like that.

So I don't know, but, if somebody wants, I, I can, tune in on, on the talents. Yeah. And, um, what you're saying, that's nice. You're talking about person purpose. Um, I'm not going to promise when people are coming here with me that they walk out with their life purpose.

Amanda Parker: Mm.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Um, because, um, you know, it's nice when that came in once some people have that and they just have it and that's great.

But, um, I do believe that [00:41:00] when you have that, uh, reconnection with your talents. And with that, you also, um, can see, okay, then I know that what does it mean for life and work at, in a realistic way at this moment. But if you're reconnected with that, and you go, then you have to the right direction. And I believe then when you are walking that path on the right direction, connecting with your, uh, with your talents to do what you love, then, yeah, things are coming and, and, uh, yeah, the, the, the purpose will find you on that path.

Amanda Parker: Is there maybe an example from one client or someone that you supported in the past where they came in and there was really an amazing transformation from that work?

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: When doing Aura readings, information comes up, which is relevant for that specific person at that time, related to specific life themes [00:42:00] or blockage or patterns that somebody wants to change or wants to get more information about it.

But, in the time that I do the readings, most of the time I also see the potential the intuitive, capa cap uh how do you say that?

Capacities, yeah. The intuitive capability of the person who is receiving the reading.

I'm doing my, work here, to be, a guidance for people and a mirror for people to find the answers which are already in themselves, I also, uh, really believe in, yeah, the, the intuitive, capacities of everybody here on this planet and to reconnect with that. I think that is so useful and beautiful. But if you are all right with that, I decided to read, a review of a client who received an aura reading.

From somebody [00:43:00] who has, extended career coaching, with me so she was here for me, uh, for what, like eight or nine sessions, with a career question. And, she wrote the following.

During my career coaching, Naomi provides me a reading where she specifically tuned in on three questions.

This reading gave me a lot of insight. Naomi is able to describe and to communicate her observations in an excellent way, and to translate the observation to answers on the questions. It has given me tools. And I will come back on that later on because it's an important thing for me. It has given me handle, yeah, tools to go along with these themes.

And it provides me the trust that I needed. Naomi does not only point at what is needed, but during the reading she also tuned deeper in on what is needed or [00:44:00] supportive in how to reach this. That made it nice for me to listen to the audio backwards because I always record readings because there's a lot of information and that people can listen it again and use the information to go along by myself with the themes.

Uh, I definitely would recommend an Aura reading integrated with coaching, but also without coaching. It's a nice and efficient way to create clearness, getting tools and breaking patterns.

Amanda Parker: So it sounds like, work that you did with this client, after doing the aura reading, you were able to come up with a few key questions that helped that person to be able to reflect more deeply on what they were struggling with.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Yeah, reflect, but also, um, I think for me it's important to, the autonomy of my clients. I think it's very, it's very [00:45:00] important. So I always try, during reading, if I see, a blockage or, if there is a part where the life energy is not flowing optimal. I always, ask if I can see information, what my client can do by itself what is supporting to, make that life energy, better flowing.

And, then I see, yeah, practical tools. What people can do by themselves, that comes true as well. And that's what I like, because gaining insights in coaching or personal development or therapy, gaining insight is one thing, but in my point of view, integrating insights and make, uh, being able to change things, that's another thing which is just as important.

Amanda Parker: Uh, that's like, that is music to my ears because I know that for my own journey, but also [00:46:00] when I'm working with clients, it's one thing to have the insight or realization. And sometimes maybe that actually is enough. You just have this awareness and you're able to change because of it. But so often, we have the insight, but then we go back to business as usual.

And it's so hard to create change unless you actually take all of that learning and wisdom and really consciously commit to shift the way that you live and act or believe within your life. Only then can you actually integrate all of that learning and create a change.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: yeah, yeah. That's, uh, I share that vision. And, During my coaching, I always have an eye on, okay, what is needed of helpful to integrate that. But also during the readings, I ask for that. May I see what can be supportive for this person and what he or she can do by the, by the self to, [00:47:00] yeah, to make, uh, yeah, to make it more flow or to clear the blockage or to change it in a positive way. Yeah.

Amanda Parker: So if there's someone who's listening who is just starting out, on their own journey, whether it be a healing journey or just that deeper getting to know themselves more deeply, is there any advice or maybe even words of wisdom you wish you had known that could support them where they are?

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: I would say to those people who are taking the path of self development and healing is, Really, be keen on the time to integrate insights and, uh, be aware that you're not, uh, you know, there's a lot of, uh, offerings, which is great, of course, but, [00:48:00] uh, be aware that you're not jumping, jumping into one teaching to the other, to one coaching to the other from a therapist to therapist, but please take the time to integrate the insights or the healings, uh, or the things you learn. So, uh, take time and space to integrate things.

in my vision, that's really important. And in during the time after a coaching session or therapy or a retreat week or healing or whatever, or a ceremony, or whatever you do, uh, Reiki healing, um, in my experience, The real work and the healing occurs in a time, in a period after that.

So, uh, yeah, rest and relax.

Amanda Parker: I'm gonna send that advice to myself two years ago, three years ago. [00:49:00] I think it's really, really powerful. Really that understanding that it's not about the next course or teacher or healing or coaching. Like the next one is not going to be the thing that fixes you. Anything has the potential to help you where you are if you, as you just said, really sit and allow it to settle, and integrate, and take the learnings that you need from that experience.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Yeah. And also when you're working with energetics, sometimes, The body comes later or you do a family constellation, for instance....

Amanda Parker: also what I'm hearing, and I know this to be true for myself as well. Sometimes you hear the message, but it doesn't fully land. It's cognitively, you can understand it. But it doesn't fully arrive in your body or your energetic system for a while. And what I hear you describing is that [00:50:00] many months later, then it suddenly landed.

You could really recognize. Wow, actually, there's a shift now, something I can tangibly see. And I think, I know for my own journey, especially in the past, because I have been known to be quite impatient, I wanted things to just happen, and I expected, okay, now I take this course, or I do this healing, and everything is clear.

But that's not how it works, and then sometimes years later, then I'll suddenly realize, wait a minute, I'm not struggling with that anymore. Now I'm learning something new, but that's not the thing that I'm working through anymore. I've cleared it, you know?

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's, that's the same, and the same as with, um, you, you asked me earlier in this podcast what was, really, eye opening during the first Aura reading you received in 2018. [00:51:00] Well, there's a thing. I remember. That, she was talking about, my, Crown Chakra and the amount of information that comes through.

And then she was saying something about, oh, but it's good to know that you can choose how much information you want to get. In 2018, when I was listening that recording of that reading, I was like, okay, it didn't, made a hundred percent sense. Now, years later, of course, it makes sense because, you know, being able to do Aura reading is a natural, natural thing for me.

And that's if you're talking about information that comes through. But that's years later that I'm really hearing where she was talking about. But at that time, and there were other things which were really direct, of course, uh, and [00:52:00] applicable and, uh. But, yeah, so that's also an example, yeah.

Amanda Parker: So for someone who wants to learn more, are there teachers or courses or Foundations that you would recommend they take a look at.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: I recommended some books, but I'm thinking because you have an international audience, eh? I will mention one. I don't have experience with by myself, but I know these two and I know that they are providing, an online school about, developing your own psychic abilities everybody has and that, that are Saskia and Rochelle from Not Your Average Psychic. So that's interesting for your international, um,

And of course, I do recommend people, to go in the education. I followed myself, but that's in Holland's [00:53:00] here in the Hague. But of course I recommend people to go to her, to learn more about your own, intuitive abilities because not everybody is, uh, meant to do aura readings, but everybody has the psychic abilities, which are, interesting to reconnect with.

Amanda Parker: I'll, I'll link to all of this in the show notes. So you've provided some resources to me that I'll also put in there. And then the resources that you've just shared here. So everyone who's listening, who wants to learn more, you can, of course, go to the show notes and you'll be able to click the links and get more information.

And then you can also reach out to Naomi. So how would you say that people get in touch with you? And, For what reasons can they get in touch with you?

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: Nah, they can, um, they can in touch with me, if they want to experience an aura reading. I always say it's about you feel it when you want, when [00:54:00] you are open for reading. And if you are open to, have, profound and insight about yourself, your willingness to, have look at yourself, then this is a really nice way to do that.

But of course, people with any question in, career choices, energy management, or, getting in touch with talents or personal leaderships questions, very welcome. I also work as a space holder in, facilitating ceremonies and retreats.

So if you, of course, if you are looking for a space holder, you can also get in touch with me.

Amanda Parker: And what, what's the best way?

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: best way is, send me an email or, give me a phone call or a WhatsApp message.

Amanda Parker: Okay, so that email is

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: yes.

Amanda Parker: and then I also have your phone number which I'll put on the show notes.

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: And it's good to know that I'm based in The Hague in the Netherlands But, providing Aura readings, the energy goes through [00:55:00] time and space.

So I can provide a reading, only with a picture of somebody or the name and birth date, and then, that's possible in English as well. If you don't mind grammatical errors, that kind of things.

Amanda Parker: No, we have an international audience, but many of them will, uh, be well versed in living internationally or working with people who are from different countries, so your English is fantastic. Well, is there anything else that you'd like to share before we close off our conversation today?

I will take that as a wonderful way to close the conversation, that we all have this capacity to tap into our intuition and that you're also helping people and that it is possible to reconnect, even if you don't know if you feel it today.[00:56:00]

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: It is possible, definitely.

Amanda Parker: For now, I want to say thank you so, so much for being here today. For sharing so much of your story and how you got into this work. And really giving people an expanded perspective of what is possible

Naomi Barnouw-Lindner: And I would like to thank you for inviting me and, uh, taking me out of my comfort zone to do this in English.

Amanda Parker: That is That is my specialty, taking people out of their comfort zone. Um, yeah, this is really beautiful. Anyone can get in touch with Naomi with the links that I'm going to provide in the show notes. And thank you so much for tuning in to this week's episode of Don't Step on the Bluebells.