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    Naomi Barnouw-Lindner - Healing with Aura Readings (#009)

    In this episode, aura reading practitioner Naomi Barnouw-Lindner explains how reading the aura energy field provides profound personalized insights and healing. We explore what auras are, how aura readings access wisdom from the universal library, practical benefits like uncovering talents, the importance of integrating insights, and why developing intuition serves both personal and planetary evolution.


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  • "Take time to integrate insights and learnings. The real healing happens after retreats and workshops."

    - Naomi Barnouw-Lindner

  • Today's Guest


    Located in the Hague, in the Netherlands in the city of the Hague, Naomi has a beautiful space where she works with people on personal development, personal leadership and career coaching. It is here that her practice for coaching, personal development, and (aura) reading comes together.


    Naomi (1982) is mother to three children, and has always had a deep interest and fascination about life itself and understanding the behaviour of human beings. She began her own career in the field of human resources and recruitment. In 2012, she felt the calling to work freelance supporting people with personal development and career coaching. Since then, she started her own business in coaching.


    Her own personal development has lead to a development of her coaching practices as well. By offering customize-made coaching to support her clients using multiple coaching tools and her own intuition to support her clients, Naomi also provides (aura) readings as well.


    Naomi sees aura readings as a careful and loving collaboration of information from the chakra’s, the energetic field, other loving supporting energies, as well as information from the ‘universal library’.


    Currently Naomi is mainly dedicated to one-to-one sessions in her own practice. Besides this she is also working in the role of spaceholder with groups (retreats, family constellations and ceremonies).


    How to get in touch:

    Website: https://www.naomibarnouw.nl/

    Email: mail @ naomibarnouw.nl

    Instagram: @naomibarnouw.nl

    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/naomibarnouw/

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  • Show Notes

    In this episode, Naomi Barnouw-Lindner shares her experience and expertise in personal and professional development, specifically focusing on aura readings. She explains that an aura is the energy system surrounding and flowing through human beings, consisting of different layers and chakras.


    Naomi discusses the development of psychic abilities and how she uses them to observe and interpret subtle information in aura readings. She also explores the concept of healing, emphasizing that everyone is already whole and healing is about balancing and harmonizing the energy flow. Naomi shares her personal journey into coaching and how she discovered the power of aura readings. She highlights the importance of reconnecting with one's core talents and aligning with the heart and soul.


    In this conversation, Naomi Barnouw-Lindner discusses her work as an aura reader and coach. She explains how she tunes in to relevant information during readings and helps clients reconnect with their talents and purpose. Naomi shares examples of clients who have experienced transformation through her work. She emphasizes the importance of integrating insights and creating change in order to truly benefit from personal development.


    Naomi also offers advice for those starting their own healing journey and recommends resources for further exploration. She concludes by highlighting the power of reconnecting with intuition.

    Key Takeaways

    • An aura is the energy system surrounding and flowing through human beings, consisting of different layers and chakras.
    • Aura readings involve observing and interpreting subtle information in the energy system, including colors, images, and feelings.
    • Healing is about balancing and harmonizing the energy flow, and it can be found in daily life as well as through deep inner work.
    • Everyone is already whole, and healing is about reconnecting with one's essence and experiencing wholeness.
    • Aura readings can provide deep insights into a person's talents, patterns, and potential, supporting personal and professional development. During aura readings, Naomi tunes in to relevant information for the present moment and provides insights that can help clients on their journey.
    • Reconnecting with talents and purpose can lead to a more fulfilling life and work experience.
    • Integrating insights and taking action is crucial for creating lasting change.
    • Taking the time to rest and integrate after personal development experiences is essential.
    • Everyone has the capacity to tap into their intuition and develop their psychic abilities.
  • What We Talked About

    • What an aura is and what aura readings involve
    • Using aura readings for personal growth and healing
    • Naomi's journey into aura readings and energy work
    • Integrating insights and learnings for real change
    • The meaning of "healing" - bringing harmony rather than fixing
    • Identifying talents to guide career and purpose
    • Developing intuition and "psychic" senses
    • Daily self-care routines also support healing
    • Everyone has intuitive, psychic potential
    • Tools like vision quests, sweat lodges, reiki and coaching

    Guest Quotes

    • "An aura reading is, in my point of view, healing as well."
    • "Healing comes when triggers disappear."
    • "Healing for me is about personal development and personal leadership. It has to do with everything with balancing or harmonizing your energy flow."
    • "Sometimes healing also has to do with the little daily things of taking care of yourself."
    • "When providing Aura readings, I also see the potential - the intuitive capabilities of the person receiving the reading."
    • "I think it would be great for the people on this planet and for planet Earth itself, if more and more people are going to reconnect with intuition."
    • "Reconnect with your core talents. And if you are connected with the core talents...you can also work with limiting beliefs or certain patterns."
    • "Gaining insights in coaching or personal development is one thing. But integrating insights and making change, that's another thing which is just as important."
    • "Take time to integrate the insights or learnings. In my experience, the real work and healing occurs in the time after retreats, ceremonies, or other healing work."
  • Resources to Learn More

  • Terms & Tools to Dig Deeper

    • Aura - The energy field/system around and through the human body
    • Chakras - Energy centers in the aura/body
    • Coaching - Personal and professional development coaching
    • Energetic Field - The aura or subtle energy field around the body
    • Family constellations - Systemic healing method
    • Intuitive Development - Training and developing intuitive or psychic abilities
    • Psychic abilities - Intuitive senses and perceptions, like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience
    • Reiki - Energy healing modality
    • Shamanic principles and practices - Working with native/ancient wisdom traditions
    • Spaceholder - Someone who provides energetic support in spiritual practices
    • Sweat lodges - Intensive ceremony for healing and purification
    • Talents - Innate strengths, affinities and capacities
    • Universal Library - The akashic records; collective wisdom/knowledge
    • Vision quest - Native rite of passage for healing, clarity and self-knowledge
    • Voice dialogue - Method of exploring different inner personalities
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