• About Don't Step on the Bluebells

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    This podcast explores the unseen world of healing and self-discovery often overlooked by mainstream society. Together, we dive into ancient traditions, mystical practices, and alternative techniques to foster living well, living on purpose, and connecting with our higher selves.


    Through interviews with world-renowned healers, practitioners, and everyday people, you'll learn how they have transformed their lives and how you This podcast provides insight, wisdom, and practical strategies for living a life you love.

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  • About Amanda Parker

    Join your host, Amanda, on a journey of transformation and healing as she shares her personal story and powerful interviews with the most inspiring healers and guides from around the world. Don’t Step on the Bluebells is a podcast that explores alternative healing practices and provides practical strategies, tools, and resources for living a life you love.


    Amanda is the founder of AmandaParker.co & The Courage Factory. She is a certified professional coach, a reiki master, and an entrepreneur who will guide you on a journey of personal growth and awakening by introducing you to a variety of non-traditional methods that can support you on your journey. Discover out-of-the-box strategies and tools that actually work, demystify alternative and spiritual healing practices, and get started on your own path to transformation.


    Through interviews with healers, practitioners, and everyday people, as well as solo shows from Amanda, you'll learn how they have transformed their lives and how you can too. Don’t Step on the Bluebells is the ultimate resource for anyone seeking to live a life they truly love. Tune in for powerful insights and endless possibilities for growth and healing.

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  • Why Bluebells?

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    Every year, just as the weather begins to show signs that spring is in the air, the Bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) jump to life in England. They begin with a few pops of color here and there and before you know it, there are blankets of bluebells covering the forests and parks, as far as the eye can see. Their vibrant blooms are a national treasure, symbolizing joy, hope, love, and connection to the divine.


    Yet these delicate flowers are easily crushed underfoot. Sometimes we, too, damage our own growth by burdening ourselves with unecessary expectations and pressure.


    The bluebells remind me joy is always possible when we allow ourselves to embrace beauty and wonder at life's boundless potential. By opening our minds to the magic in each moment, we tap into divine wisdom that makes transformation possible.


    On this journey of self-discovery, we walk with intention - appreciating all that is around and within us. And we trust that our unfolding is as natural as the bluebells blooming once again.

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  • A Special Thanks to Our Collaborators!

    Charlene Huskinson of Smoke and Guns Productions has taken over the editing of Don't Step on the Bluebells.


    A big thanks to our Founding Editor, Jessie Parker, creator behind Jessie Makes Stuff and mixed-medium artist, video editor, and font designer who helped bring this podcast to life! If you're looking for a kick-ass creative and healing artist to help bring your ideas to life, get in touch.