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    Koen Silver Wolf Drum - Healing with Ancestors: A Shamanic Perspective (#014)

    In this episode, Amanda Parker has a conversation Wolf Drum, a healer, ceremonial leader, and teacher, who shares his unique approach to healing and transformation. They discuss the importance of connecting with ancestral wisdom, the role of rituals and ceremonies in healing, and how to return to our authentic selves by aligning with the unseen realms.


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  • "Ultimately, healing is about remembering our true nature as unending spiritual beings and reclaiming our power to change our lives and the world."

    - Koen Silver Wolf Drum

  • Today's Guest


    Koen Silver Wolf Drum is a Healer, Ceremonial leader and Teacher, always open to explore new ways for people to open up, to heal and to understand the truth of their existence.


    He has a strong drive to move beyond boundaries of small self, always looking for an original way of being on the earth. "The true self is with unending possibilities and is in deep harmony with the world around"



    How to get in touch:

    Website: www.artofshamanism.org

    Email: koen@zilverlicht.nl

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  • Show Notes

    In this captivating episode, host Amanda Parker journeys into the realm of shamanic healing with Kuhn Silver Wolf Drum, who shares his wisdom on connecting with ancestors for deep transformation. Wolf Drum explains that ancestors go beyond just our immediate family to include the lineages that stretch back thousands of years, holding a vast reservoir of wisdom that we can tap into for guidance and healing.


    Wolf Drum's own path into healing began with a profound connection to the unseen realms, including ancestors, nature spirits, and animal guides. He has since developed a powerful shamanic practice that involves setting an intention for healing and calling in the support of these wise beings to facilitate the process. He emphasizes that true healing is about remembering our own unending spiritual essence and shedding the layers of misunderstanding and disconnection that give rise to sickness.


    Throughout the episode, Wolf Drum shares stories and insights on how ancestors can support us in reclaiming our authentic selves and rebelling against the unhealthy patterns and expectations imposed by society. He offers advice for those starting a healing journey, encouraging them to trust in the unending possibilities available when we connect with the wisdom of those who have come before us. Wolf Drum's work, which includes individual sessions, ceremonies, and teachings, is ultimately about guiding people to remember their true nature and harness the power of their ancestral lineages for personal and collective transformation.

    Key Takeaways

    • Ancestors include not just recent family but lineages stretching back thousands of years who hold wisdom we can connect with for healing.
    • Connecting with ancestors can support us in reclaiming our authentic selves and breaking free from unhealthy societal patterns.
    • Ancestors are part of the unseen realms that shamanic practitioners call upon for guidance and facilitation of healing.
    • Shamanic healing goes beyond just addressing physical ailments to dealing with the deeper spiritual roots of sickness.
    • Shamanic healing involves facilitating a person's own journey of remembering their spiritual essence and taking responsibility for their transformation.
    • Shamanic practices can include ceremonies, such as sweat lodges, and teachings to help people reconnect with their spiritual nature.
    • Communicating with nature, animals, and unseen realms is a natural human capacity that many have lost touch with in modern society.
    • Nature spirits and animal guides are part of the unseen realms that shamanic practitioners work with for healing and guidance.
    • Developing a relationship with the unseen realms requires openness, trust, and a willingness to surrender to a different way of perceiving reality. 
  • What We Talked About

    • The role of ancestors in healing, including lineages stretching back thousands of years
    • The definition of healing as a realignment with one's pure, unending spiritual essence
    • The roots of sickness as a misunderstanding of who we are and a disconnection from our true nature
    • Wolf Drum's shamanic healing practice, which involves setting an intention and calling in support from unseen realms
    • The importance of addressing the deeper spiritual causes of physical ailments
    • The role of the healer as a facilitator and the responsibility of the person to claim their own healing
    • The challenges Wolf Drum has faced, including persecution and skepticism about communicating with unseen realms
    • Advice for those starting a healing journey, including never giving up, trusting one's own path, and being willing to look deeply at oneself
    • The significance of ceremonies, such as sweat lodges, and teachings in reconnecting with one's spiritual essence
    • The natural human capacity to communicate with nature, animals, and unseen realms
    • The power of remembering our interconnectedness and spiritual nature in facilitating personal and collective transformation

    Guest Quotes

    • "Healing is coming back to your original thoughts, coming back to who you are, coming back to your essence."
    • "How I see sickness is like a misunderstanding about who you are and what life is."
    • "When someone comes for healing, it's not me who is doing the healing. I'm just there and I'm holding the space. I'm calling in whoever needs to be there to do their work."
    • "The road is unending and the possibilities are unending. And I think that's the toughest thing that they try to let you believe in society is that everything's fixed and that there are certain boundaries around everything.”
    • “Most people that come for healing, they’re already stuck and they feel stuck and they are full with tension on all sides in their lives."
    • "So there's this, there's this balance, you know, between being kind to yourself and surrendering or, let's say, open to have a clear look at yourself or at your life."
    • "Ultimately, healing is about remembering our true nature as unending spiritual beings and reclaiming our power to change our lives and the world."
  • Terms & Tools to Dig Deeper

    • Alignment: The process of coming into harmony or resonance with one's true nature, spiritual essence, or the unseen realms.
    • Animal Guides: Spirit animals or power animals that are believed to offer guidance, protection, or wisdom to individuals on their spiritual path.
    • Ancestors: In the context of shamanic healing, ancestors refer not only to recent family members but also to lineages stretching back thousands of years who can be called upon for wisdom, guidance, and support.
    • Ceremony: Shamanic practices often involve ceremonies, which are ritualized actions or events intended to create a sacred space for healing, transformation, or connecting with the unseen realms.
    • Healing Intention: The conscious focus or purpose that a healer holds for a particular healing session or process, often involving a specific goal or outcome.
    • Meditation: A practice of focusing the mind or accessing altered states of consciousness, often used in shamanic traditions to connect with unseen realms or spiritual wisdom.
    • Nature Spirits: Non-physical beings or energies associated with elements of the natural world, such as plants, animals, or landscapes, that shamanic practitioners may communicate with or call upon for assistance.
    • Original Thought: The idea of accessing or aligning with the pure, unfiltered wisdom or knowledge that exists beyond social conditioning or limiting beliefs.
    • Perception: The ability to sense or understand things beyond the physical realm, often through intuition, clairvoyance, or other spiritual senses.
    • Spiritual Essence: The core, unending nature of an individual's being, often understood as the source of their life force, wisdom, and connection to the greater web of existence.
    • Spiritual Senses: The non-physical senses, such as intuition, clairvoyance, or the ability to communicate with unseen realms, that are often developed or relied upon in shamanic practices.
    • Surrender: The act of letting go of resistance or control and allowing oneself to be guided by a higher wisdom or the natural flow of life.
    • Sweat Lodge: A traditional Native American ceremony that involves sitting in a small, enclosed structure around heated stones, often used for purification, prayer, and healing.
    • Totem: An object, animal, or natural being that is believed to have spiritual significance and is often used as a symbol or emblem of a particular lineage, clan, or individual.
    • Unseen Realms: The non-physical dimensions or realities that are believed to exist beyond the material world and can be accessed or communicated with through shamanic practices.
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