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    Teo Alfero - Healing with Transmission (#018)

    In this episode, author, community leader, and Shamanic teacher Teo Alfero shares his insights on the transformative power of shamanic practices, particularly the recapitulation process, for personal healing and growth. Dive deep into the wisdom of walking between worlds, finding balance, and embodying your own unique essence in this captivating episode that will leave you inspired to embark on your own transformative journey.

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  • "Once you open the gates of spirit, it's, it's literally infinite. And with a lifelong of decades of price until the day you die, you're still touching a minuscule amount by definition."

    - Teo Alfero

  • Today's Guest


    Teo Alfero was born and raised in Argentina, and in his early adult life he was in the military, a mountaineer and rock climber. After being struck deeply by the writings of Carlos Castaneda, Teo moved to California in 1999 to immerse himself in his spiritual and Shamanic studies in the lineage Castaneda wrote about. Teo has assisted and led self-discovery and Shamanic transformational workshops in the Americas, Europe, and Russia since 2003.


    In 2008, Teo Founded Wolf Connection as a response to a critical need in the community in the areas of animal welfare and youth mentoring and healing, and as a way to serve those members of the community that need it most. Wolf Connection is a unique educational sanctuary and wilderness retreat center that brings people together through direct relationship with rescued wolves for the purpose of empowering the next generation to become authentic leaders and stewards of the earth.


    In addition to his work as founder and CEO of Wolf Connection, over the last two decades, Teo has continued to deepen his consciousness practices and has sat with teachers and medicine people from traditions such as Huichol, Lakota, Apache, and Dene, from places such as the South Western US, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, India, Hawaii, and Western Africa.


    Teo is a community leader and public speaker. He is a leader in the Transformational and Shamanic space, a cross-tradition teacher of applied consciousness, and a mentor, teacher and advisor to individuals whose decisions impact many.


    He is the author of “The Wolf Connection, What Wolves can Teach us about Being Human” Simon and Schuster – 2019, a curator and Participant in the book “Transmission, An Anthology” – 2023, and author of the upcoming books “The Power of the Wolf Dream” 2024, and “Lead like a Wolf” - 2025.


    “Every breath I take, every beat of my heart is in service to the betterment of humanity.” - Teo Alfero

    How to get in touch:

    Website: www.teoalfero.com

    Community Space: https://teoalferoteachingcircle.mn.co/

    Instagram: @teo_alfero 

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  • Show Notes

    Teo Alfero, a spiritual teacher, trusted mentor and advisor to influential world leaders, shares his insights on the special shamanic healing practices he teaches in this fascinating episode of Don't Step on the Bluebells. Teo discusses the path of personal awakening and spiritual development, explaining that while the quest for enlightenment is not new, in modern society people often lack the elders and community to guide them through the initiation process when they have profound experiences.


    Teo describes his own training in the shamanic lineage traced back to ancient Mexico, and the foundational practice of recapitulation - an energetic recalibration of one's life experiences. By reclaiming the energy attached to past events, people can free themselves from limiting beliefs and behaviors. Teo emphasizes that healing in his tradition is not about "letting go", but about transmuting and integrating all experiences to gain understanding and knowledge.


    Teo also discusses his recent book "Transmission", which showcases the stories of his master students, modern women who have gone through this powerful training. His aim as a teacher is to help students find their own authentic transmission and way of impacting the world. For those feeling the call to this path, Teo advises trusting the "ping", finding community, having the discipline to pursue the journey despite the mind's doubts, and maintaining "sobriety" - the ability to continue one's worldly life while opening up to the spiritual realms. The key is learning to walk with one foot in each world.

    Key Takeaways

    • The quest for spiritual awakening and consciousness expansion is a fundamental part of the human experience.
    • Teo's foundational teaching is the practice of recapitulation, which frees individuals from limiting patterns by reclaiming energy from past experiences.
    • Healing involves integrating and transmuting all aspects of one's being, not just "letting go."
    • Spiritual awakening requires balancing practical daily life with exploring expanded awareness ("walking with one foot in each world").
    • Finding community support and maintaining grounded discipline ("sobriety") is crucial on the spiritual journey.
    • Teo's goal is to empower individuals to find their authentic expression and impact, not create dependent students.
  • What We Talked About

    • Teo's background and his journey to becoming a consciousness teacher, including his study of the work of Carlos Castaneda and his creation of the Wolf Connection organization.
    • Teo's approach to teaching, which emphasizes applied consciousness and the integration of shamanic practices into everyday life.
    • The concept of recapitulation, a foundational practice in Teo's lineage that involves reclaiming energy from past experiences to free oneself from limiting patterns and beliefs.
    • Teo's perspective on healing, which focuses on integration and transmutation of all aspects of one's being, rather than "letting go" of parts of oneself.
    • The importance of finding balance on the spiritual path, engaging with both the practical world of daily life and the spiritual realms of expanded awareness - a concept Teo refers to as "walking with one foot in each world."
    • The significance of community, support, and maintaining a grounded, disciplined approach ("sobriety") on the spiritual journey.
    • Teo's recent book, "Transmission," which showcases the stories of his master students and their transformative journeys through his teaching.
    • Teo's advice for those experiencing a spiritual awakening, emphasizing the naturalness of the process and the importance of trusting one's own journey while seeking support and guidance when needed.

    Guest Quotes

    • “...I'm here. It's now the time for me. For the last, for thousands of years, our ancestors have been intrigued and occupied and, and, and focused on the reality. Their consciousness expansion, the spiritual awakening, their reclaiming of a cosmic connection that we all carry as a birthright."
    • "Everything in the world is about moi, right? That's how we walk through the world. So one of the deepest pieces of this work is to revert, to revert that mirror, revert that mirror, you know, that energy that comes, Oh, everything comes to me, to me. Well, so this, it's an energy transformation that needs to happen where everything comes through me, not to me."
    • "Once you open the gates of spirit, it's, it's literally infinite. And with a lifelong of decades of price until the day you die, you're still touching a minuscule amount by definition."
    • "We don't get rid of anything…Everything is, is integrated. Everything is transmuting to raw energy. And from there, there's a whole being that emerges that contains everything that you, you know, the sum total of who you've ever been."
    • "I don't develop students, I teach peers. So for the time being, I am their mentor and their guide, but my goal is that they become my peers and they, they, we can carry this work together."
    • "If you had that awakening moment, you're not crazy. There's nothing wrong with you. That happens to a lot of people and it's part of our birthright. We carry that dormant abilities our entire lives."
    • "So we are sorcerers and, and witches and, uh, spiritual, uh, awakened beings of our time. That means we are in the world doing the things of the world. You have your, you own a phone, you are in the internet, you clock in and out on a job, you provide your service, you pay your taxes, you rent your house, you, you I mean, you, we do the things of the world and we create the energetic mass necessary to live almost like parallel lives."
  • Resources to Learn More


    Resources and Tools:

    • Fireside Conversations - These free monthly events hosted by Teo Alfero provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions and receive guidance on their spiritual practices and journey.


  • Terms & Tools to Dig Deeper

    • Applied Consciousness: A term used by Teo to describe the practical application of expanded consciousness in everyday life, with the goal of making a difference in one's own life and the lives of others.
    • Conscious Dreaming: The practice of becoming aware of and actively participating in one's dreams, using them as a tool for personal growth, healing, and exploration of alternate realities.
    • Consciousness Teacher: Someone who guides others in expanding their awareness and understanding of the nature of reality and their own being.
    • Cosmic Connection: The inherent link that all humans have to the greater universe, which can be reclaimed through spiritual awakening and consciousness expansion.
    • Energetic Recalibration: The process of realigning one's energy through the practice of recapitulation, which involves revisiting and reclaiming the energy attached to past experiences.
    • Fireside Conversations: A free monthly event hosted by Teo Alfero where participants can ask questions and receive guidance on their spiritual practices and journey.
    • Initiation: A process of introducing someone to a new way of being or understanding, often through a ritualized experience or ceremony. In the context of spiritual awakening, initiation can occur through various means, such as a profound personal experience or guided practices with a teacher.
    • Luminous Egg: A term used to describe the human energy field, which includes the physical body and the surrounding energy fields that contain information about a person's experiences, thoughts, and emotions.
    • Medicine Work: A term often used to describe shamanic healing practices that involve working with plant medicines, ceremonies, or other tools to facilitate personal transformation and healing.
    • Pathfinder: A role often associated with the wolf in indigenous traditions, and one that Teo has incorporated into his teaching as a guide who opens portals and helps students find their own way.
    • Recapitulation: A foundational practice in Teo's lineage that involves revisiting and reclaiming the energy attached to past experiences, thoughts, emotions, and actions. This practice is designed to free individuals from limiting patterns and beliefs.
    • Seer: A person who has developed the ability to perceive and understand reality beyond the limitations of ordinary perception, often through shamanic or spiritual practices.
    • Self-reflection: The tendency for humans to perceive and interpret the world primarily in reference to themselves, which can limit their understanding and growth.
    • Shamanic Studies: The study of shamanic traditions, practices, and worldviews, which often involve working with altered states of consciousness, energy healing, and communion with nature and spirit realms.
    • Shapeshifting: The ability to shift one's energy and awareness to embody different states of being or to access alternate realities.
    • Sobriety: In the context of spiritual awakening, sobriety refers to the ability to maintain a balanced and grounded approach to one's journey, integrating spiritual practices into daily life without becoming overwhelmed or disconnected from the world.
    • Spiritual Renaissance: A resurgence of interest in and exploration of spirituality and consciousness expansion, often driven by a desire for personal growth, healing, and a deeper understanding of the nature of reality.
    • Transmission: The unique expression and way of impacting the world that each individual develops through their spiritual journey and training.
    • Transmutation: The process of transforming energy from one form to another, particularly in the context of converting limiting patterns and beliefs into raw energy that can be used for personal growth and expansion.
    • Walking with One Foot in Each World: The ability to maintain a balanced and integrated approach to spiritual practice, engaging with both the ordinary world of daily life and the spiritual realms of expanded awareness and possibility.
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