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    Jessie Parker - Healing with Affirmations (#010)

    In this episode of Don't Step on the Bluebells, Amanda Parker speaks with Jessie Parker to explore how to use positive affirmations to rewrite limiting beliefs, bring harmony to mind-body-spirit, and pave new neural pathways to support self-healing. Jessie shares her personal journey with affirmations as well as practical tips for crafting and working with affirmations.

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  • ""Emotion is energy in motion. Your body trying to move that energy and that in itself again is not inherently bad. The energy has to go somewhere and if it doesn't it buries down further and further."

    - Jessie Parker

  • Today's Guest


    Jessie Parker is an artist and healer who loves making stuff, and expresses herself through her colorful (and healing) artwork. Her creative passions shift with the seasons, and tend to include an element of relatability and uplifting energy… and a healthy amount of glitter. Jessie is a skilled communicator and has a gift for working with her hands, which has contributed to her latest endeavors of learning American Sign Language and completing her Level 2 Reiki training - all of which she is incorporating into her work going forward.


    With a background in film and video editing, and a lifelong pursuit of artistic endeavors, Jessie channels her healing gifts into her artwork, affirmations, and oracle cards as well as, more recently, working hands on with Reiki energy to promote well-being and pursuing one’s passions. The official launch of her Reiki business is still forthcoming, but in the meantime you can order a set of her affirmation cards, purchase one of her original, vivid feather paintings, or get in touch over on JessieMakesStuff.com

    How to get in touch:

    Website: www.JessieMakesStuff.com

    Instagram: @jessiemakesstuff


    PLUS! Special Discount on A Gentle Reminder Affirmation Deck on JessieMakesStuff - BLUEBELL15

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  • Show Notes

    In this episode, host Amanda Parker interviews her sister Jessie Parker about the transformative power of affirmations. They discuss how affirmations can be used to rewrite unhelpful beliefs that were often formed in childhood, and to consciously cultivate more supportive, empowering beliefs instead.


    Jessie stresses the importance of uncovering your true underlying beliefs first before creating affirmations, so they can fully align with your deeper self. She shares how affirmations work best when you engage your whole being - mind, body and emotions. Visualizations, feeling the emotions you want to cultivate, and repeating affirmations regularly help cement new neural pathways.


    Amanda and Jessie also talk about how to write effective affirmations in the first person, emphasize different words to keep them fresh, and display affirmations around your home as reminders. Jessie leads a visualization for feeling affirmations in your body.


    They explore the idea that healing is a process of bringing the mind, body and spirit into greater harmony, which affirmations can facilitate by transforming limiting thought patterns. Jessie also shares exciting updates on her artwork, affirmation card deck - A Gentle Reminder - and new Reiki practice.

    Key Takeaways

    • Healing involves aligning the mind, body, and spirit.
    • Physical pain can be a symptom of underlying emotional beliefs.
    • Uncovering and rewriting beliefs is essential for personal growth and healing.
    • Affirmations can be used to create new, positive beliefs and rewire the brain. Affirmations can be used to create new beliefs and change old belief patterns.
    • Neuroplasticity allows the brain to form new neural pathways and reinforce new beliefs.
    • Visualization exercises can help in experiencing the creation of new neural pathways.
    • Writing effective affirmations involves using first-person language and emphasizing different words to keep the brain engaged.
    • Incorporating affirmations into daily life through notes, recordings, and repetition can help reinforce new beliefs.
  • What We Talked About

    • Understanding the relationship between healing and alignment
    • The Connection Between Physical and Emotional Health
    • Uncovering Beliefs and Rewriting Them
    • Understanding, creating, and connecting to affirmations
    • Understanding Neuroplasticity and how to rewire to create new beliefs
    • Getting Started with Affirmations and how to write effective ones
    • Understanding and Overcoming Resistance
    • Visualization Exercise
    • Tricking the Body into Feeling a New Sensation
    • Practical Tips for Incorporating Affirmations

    Guest Quotes

    • "Healing for me, it is aligning my mind, body and spirit. I think a lot of what might constitute suffering these days is because we're out of alignment."
    • "Emotion is energy in motion. Your body trying to move that energy and that in itself again is not inherently bad. The energy has to go somewhere and if it doesn't it buries down further and further."
    • "There's no way out but through. You've got to kind of address it and undo the old beliefs at the same time, if not before you create the new ones."
    • "The feeling itself, you wouldn't feel happy to feel angry or sad necessarily, but you wouldn't feel like you had to hold yourself back."
    • "If it's important to me, it's important. Without regard for what other people are thinking, if it's important to me, it's important."
    • "I am powerful. The feeling of powerful, like I have my own agency, I can make my own decisions, I make my own choices."
    • "Consistency is key. Repeating affirmations regularly helps cement new neural pathways and thought habits."
    • "Affirmations are not just necessarily saying the opposite of what the other thing is. You know, it's not just all of a sudden like, yeah, money is good. Like that's not you know what I mean? It's what do you want to feel about money?"
    • "There's no changing them, no changing your beliefs, no changing your thoughts and programs without actually taking a look at what's underneath."
    • "If you're speaking to yourself, then you're hearing that voice from the first person right me. I am it's I'm taking agency I'm taking control."
    • "The majority of them, they say like 70% are negative thoughts. So this is not unique to you. If you're having negative thoughts, it's hard to do this. You're not alone."
    • "Every time you walk on it, the grass gets a little more matted and the ground gets a little more warm and maybe the path gets wider."
    • "If it doesn't feel good when you hear it and it feels like BS and you get that stomach ache or whatever, then that tells you what your real belief is, right?"
  • Resources to Learn More

  • Terms & Tools to Dig Deeper

    • Affirmation - A positive statement that affirms a belief about yourself or life. Used to counter negative self-talk.
    • Alignment - Bringing different aspects of yourself into harmony; often used in context of mind, body and spirit alignment.
    • Autopilot - Automatic thoughts or behaviors that occur without conscious intention or control. Often reflects ingrained habits.
    • Belief - A firmly held opinion or conviction about something. Our beliefs shape our perspective and behavior.
    • Energy - In this context, refers to subtle energy fields in and around the body that can influence health and wellbeing.
    • Healing - The process of bringing the mind, body and spirit into greater alignment and harmony.
    • Intention - Having a specific purpose or desired outcome behind words, actions or practices like affirmation.
    • Manifest - The process of translating thoughts/energy into physical form or events. Related to the law of attraction.
    • Mantra - A word or phrase repeated frequently during meditation to help focus the mind. Similar to an affirmation.
    • Mindfulness - A mental state of awareness, focus and presence in the current moment. A key component of meditation.
    • Neural pathways - Networks in the brain that connect neurons and transmit signals based on repeated use. Can be changed through neuroplasticity.
    • Neuroplasticity - The brain's ability to form new neural connections and change in response to experiences and repetition. Allows us to cultivate new habits.
    • Programming - Refers metaphorically to the ingrained patterns of thinking and behavior programmed into our brains, especially in childhood.
    • Reiki - A form of energy healing that works holistically to balance the mind, body and spirit. Practiced through light touch.
    • Self-Mastery - The process of mastering our own thoughts, emotions and behaviors to consciously create our reality and serve our highest self.
    • Subconscious - The part of the mind containing memories and learned behaviors that is outside conscious awareness but can influence actions and emotions.
    • Visualization - The mental process of generating visual imagery and scenarios. Can make affirmations more vivid and emotionally engaging.
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