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    Patricia Natalia - Healing the Root Cause (#005)

    In this episode of Don't Step on the Bluebells, Amanda Parker interviews intuitive healer Patricia Natalia about her holistic approach to getting to the root cause of issues and helping people heal. Read the full Show Notes below!

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  • "As these layers accumulate, we become more and more disconnected from the self. And it makes it incredibly difficult to know our desires, to know ourselves, to know what it is that we really want in the world.”

    - Patricia Natalia

  • Today's Guest


    Intuitive Healer, Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Teacher, & Conscious Entrepreneur.


    Having been a student of personal development for over 14 years, her valuable wisdom and experience spans within health and wellness, healing trauma, transforming mindset, elevating confidence, personal power and magnetism, and obtaining next level success by connecting women to their highest potential.


    Her specialism is in identifying and healing the root issue, and underlying blocks behind stagnant progress in relationships, career and wellness.


    In her private coaching practice, Patricia works with the fate-changing women of the world who are soulful at the core of their ambition, and success. She is driven by the empowerment of women and men and has helped successful, spiritual souls to create a conscious life that they love, and create a future filled with power, full potential and purpose.


    She holds a vast experience of knowledge and practice and takes great pride in the integration of all to formulate a modality that is tailored to the client's needs. Her specialisms range in: Healing Nutrition, Hatha Yoga, Himalayan Pranayama Kundalini Kriya, Meditation, Theta healing, Medical Intuitive healing, Gemstone medicine for planetary conditions, Subconscious healing with essential oils, Mediumship, and Quantum Healing Hypnosis.


    How to get in touch:

    Email: info@theconsciouswellbeingcompany.com

    Instagram: @theconsciouswellbeingcompany

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  • Show Notes

    In this week's episode of Don't Step on the Bluebells, host Amanda Parker has an enlightening conversation with intuitive healer Patricia Natalia about getting to the root cause of issues and holistically helping people heal.


    They discuss how healing involves peeling back the layers that disconnect us from our true soul essence in order to come back to our authentic selves. These layers accumulate over generations, past lives, childhood experiences, and other factors. Patricia emphasizes the importance of listening to your intuition and inner guidance, even if you don't fully understand it yet. This helps align you with your soul's path. They also talk about how trauma can stem from major life events or more subtle, accumulated smaller events that shaped limiting beliefs. An important part of healing is releasing the emotions that get trapped in the body.


    Patricia uses a diverse toolbox of modalities like quantum healing hypnosis, past life regression, crystals, nutrition, and more to help clients clear blocks on every level. She finds that career and money blocks often stem from ancestral patterns or past life trauma. Healing these can raise someone's abundance ceiling. Patricia also explains that contrary to pop-spirituality, manifestation works by consciously managing your frequency - doing inner work to clear blocks and raise your vibration helps you magnetize what you want.


    Patricia takes an integrative approach to healing, blending practices like yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, past life regression, nutritional guidance, and other modalities. She helps clients uncover and clear subconscious blocks, ancestral patterns, and past life trauma so they can move into alignment with their highest potential. Throughout the episode, Patricia emphasizes not overthinking things but rather starting somewhere by following what interests you, and trusting in the journey.


    Some key topics discussed include intuition, different types of trauma, energy healing techniques, developing spiritual connection, releasing emotions from past experiences, and healing root causes of issues. Overall, this interview provides an insightful glimpse into holistic healing and getting to the heart of issues in order to live a more authentic, aligned life. Check the show notes for related links and resources mentioned.

    Key Takeaways

    • Healing means peeling away the layers that disconnect us from our true soul essence in order to come back to our authentic selves. These layers accumulate over generations, past lives, childhood experiences, etc.
    • It's important to listen to and follow your intuition, even if you don't understand why. This can help guide you along your soul's path.
    • You have to make your faith greater than your fear in order to really live. Developing your connection to something bigger than yourself (God, the universe, spirit, etc) can help grow your faith.
    • Trauma can be "big T" traumatic events or "little t" accumulated smaller events that shape beliefs. Healing involves releasing the emotions and energetics held onto from past trauma.
    • Patricia takes a holistic approach to healing, using tools like hypnotherapy, past life regression, reiki, crystals, nutritional guidance, etc. to clear blocks on every level.
    • Money/career blocks often come from ancestral or past life patterns. Healing these allows you to increase your "earning ceiling".
    • Manifestation happens through consciously managing your frequency. Clearing blocks and raising your vibration helps you magnetize what you want.
    • Recommended teachers: Wayne Dyer, Gabby Bernstein, Oprah/SuperSoul Sunday, Manly Hall, Dr. Joseph Murphy.
    • Don't overthink it. Follow what intrigues you and trust it will unfold. There's no end goal, just enjoy the journey.
    • Healing is a process of peeling back layers to uncover your true soul essence. It's the soul's journey back to itself.
    • Body whispering involves listening to the words/language someone uses as clues to what may be trapped energetically/emotionally in their body.
    • Past life or ancestral trauma can cause issues that seem inexplicable, by bringing them to light you can release them.
    • As a healer, it's important to do your own inner work first so you can see others clearly without your biases.
    • Even if you don't have an obvious "gift", being intuitive is a skill you can develop through spiritual practices.
    • Old societal/cultural norms held many people back from exploring intuitive abilities openly. We're breaking through that now.
  • What We Talked About

    • Using your intuition and trusting the information you receive
    • Healing and working through trauma, whether it's a "Big T" or a "Little T"
    • What healing actually means and how it can look different in different peoples' lives
    • What manifestation is (and isn't!) and why it can be such a trigger to people who have tried it and "failed"
    • Using precious and semi-precious gemstones in healing
    • The many different avenues Natalia uses in her healing work - from Kriya yoga and breathwork to past life regression and astrology, to medical intuition, healing diets, and hypnosis
    • Developing a deeper spiritual connection
    • Releasing energy from past trauma - whether it be yours, ancestral, or from a past life
    • Healing the root causes of issues so that you can move forward in your life without being held back by subconscious blocks

    Guest Quotes

    • "Healing is the soul's journey of coming back to the self."
    • "As these layers accumulate, we become more and more disconnected from the self. And it makes it incredibly difficult to know our desires, to know ourselves, to know what it is that we really want in the world."
    • "You've got to make your faith greater than your fear. Because essentially, nobody really knows where they're going. And a lot of this is blind faith."
    • "Trauma is a funny one because you don't actually realize that you're holding onto something and then you kind of have a response or a reaction or something comes up, it's a fear or a block. And that's when it becomes quite obvious that there is something which is hanging around in the background."
    • "Manifestation is simply magnetism, and we are magnetism based on our frequency."
    • "Don't overthink, don't overthink it. I think, you know, often what happens is we're scared to take a wrong step or a wrong move. And the best way to start is to start somewhere."
    • "When you experience things in your childhood, it really sort of sets a tone for how you're kind of living and experiencing the world as an adult."
    • "As women, we have a tendency to do this because we don't want to be too much. We don't want to be seen as too successful or doing too well. There's so many stigmas that have come through older generations where a woman has to be a certain way."
    • "Whatever peaks your interest, it's peaking your interest for a reason. And even if it doesn't make sense to you, you may be worried, well, what can I? How can I make a living or a career from this? That's something that you shouldn't even need to worry about. I say the universe always takes care of that for you."
  • Resources to Learn More


    Thought Leaders:

    Other notable mentions*:

    *Please note that these links are suggestions to start your own research. They are not endorsed by today's guest or myself, but simply a starting point to dig deeper.

    • Hypnosis - Using hypnosis to access the subconscious mind and uncover and transform underlying patterns.
    • Kriya Yoga - An ancient yoga practice of energizing the spine for spiritual awakening.
    • Kundalini Yoga - A style of yoga focused on awakening inner energy to accelerate spiritual growth.
    • Medical Intuitive - Using intuition to gain insights into the body and healing of physical ailments and diseases.
    • Mediumship - Channeling communication with spirits or those who have passed away, often to convey messages.
    • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) - Using hypnosis and accessing the subconscious mind to uncover past lives, ancestral wounds, etc.
  • Terms & Tools to Dig Deeper

    • Ancestral trauma - Emotional wounds, belief patterns, or traumatic events passed down generations through the family lineage.
    • Astrology - Understanding how celestial movements and positions of stars/planets provide insight into a person's nature, motivations, and cycles of life.
    • Breathwork - Conscious breathing techniques to calm the nervous system, release suppressed emotions, and enter meditative states.
    • Crystals/gemstones - Using the energetics and vibrational qualities of crystals to heal, protect, manifest, and elevate consciousness.
    • Detours - Perceived wrong turns or mistakes that nevertheless guide you where you need to go and teach valuable lessons.
    • Developing spiritual connection - Cultivating a relationship to something larger than yourself like God, angels, nature to grow your faith and alignment with divine guidance.
    • Faith vs fear - Choosing to strengthen your faith and trust rather than acting from a place of fear or doubt. A conscious spiritual practice.
    • Frequency - Your personal energetic vibration that attracts things on a matching frequency. Can be raised through inner work.
    • Generational patterns - Repeating behaviors, wounds, attachments, and beliefs passed down through generations in a family.
    • Healing - The process of uncovering and releasing layers that disconnect you from your authentic soul essence in order to come back to your true self.
    • Hypnotherapy - Using hypnosis and access to the subconscious mind to uncover and transform underlying patterns.
    • Inner guidance - Messages/signs from your Higher Self/intuition that aim to guide you on your unique spiritual path.
    • Intuition - Inner knowing, wisdom, and guidance that provides insights beyond the rational mind. Your connection to your Higher Self.
    • Layers - Energetic imprints, attachments, conditioning, limiting beliefs that build up over time and obscure your inner essence.
    • Magnetism - Your energetic resonance that attracts things, events, and people on a matching frequency. Law of attraction.
    • Manifestation - The process of translating desires from energetic potential into physical form through intentional creating and frequency matching.
    • Meditation - Focusing the mind to go beyond thoughts and enter higher states of consciousness and inner stillness.
    • Nutrition - Providing the body with proper nutritional support to facilitate mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.
    • Past life trauma - Unresolved emotional wounds or traumatic events from previous incarnations that carry over energetically.
    • Quantum healing hypnosis (QHHT) - Accessing the subconscious mind in a theta brainwave state to uncover past lives, ancestral wounds, etc.
    • Reiki - Channeling life force energy through the hands to accelerate healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
    • Root cause - The original source issue from which subsequent symptoms, problems, or events arose. Healing it creates transformation.
    • Soul essence - The deepest and most authentic part of yourself, beyond any conditioning, programming, or external layers. Your infinite spiritual core.
    • Soul imprint - The unique energies, qualities, purpose, and divine blueprint inherent to your soul.
    • Subconscious - The part of your mind below conscious awareness that houses memories, patterns, wounds, beliefs that drive behaviors.
    • Trauma - Emotional wounds or pain caused by distressing events, either large or small, that get trapped in the mind/body.
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