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    Aida Murad - Healing with Spiritual Art (#004)

    In this episode, Jordanian Spiritual Impact Artist, Aida Murad, reveals how she intuitively channels healing energies into her vivid abstract paintings and experiential art workshops designed to help people process emotions, shift mindsets, and realign with their inner magic. Read the full Show Notes below!

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  • "There isn't a rule book that applies to me. And there isn't a rule book, honestly, that applies to anyone."

    - Aida Murad

  • Today's Guest


    Aida Murad is a Jordanian Spiritual Impact Artist whose mission is to help people feel seen, heard and loved through art. She paints with her fingers due to a past trauma of being semi-paralyzed for 4.5 years, turning her most difficult experience into a channel for hope and inspiration.


    Previously Aida was an Economist and Tech Founder. Today she has sold out ten collections and has been featured in 34 exhibitions including most recently at the Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Washington DC, 2023 LA Art Show with MRG Fine Art Gallery and TEDinArabic in Doha, Qatar. Her art work has been published by the University of Cambridge with Ai Weiwei and featured globally including in TED, Voice of America, Reuters, TRT World, Al Jazeera, World Bank and the United Nations. She is named as the 2022/2023 Georgetown University Artist in Residence to create healing art for the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and has been selected as one of the first Fellows for the Artivism Fellowship under global non-profit, Seeds of Peace. She has been named as the Inaugural Artist for TED Tech in London, showcasing how nature is our highest technology through art.


    She has collaborated with Grammy Award winning artists including Ne-Yo and the drummer from The Doors, John Densmore, to use art for social good. Her paintings have been acquired globally including by the previous Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi and Manchester United, previous Acting Undersecretary Minister of Culture of the U.A.E, Qatar America Institute for Culture, MIT, Georgetown University, Board Member of the National Museum of Mexican Art and the previous Chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights under Obama's administration at a historical landmark in Chicago. Aida is a BMW Foundation Leader, member of the world's first decentralized physical museum called Arkive, and has received numerous awards for women in impact.


    How to get in touch:

    Website: https://www.aidamurad.com

    Instagram: @muradaida

    Wait List Registry for upcoming book (guided art exercises for the spectrum of healing to innovation): https://www.aidamurad.com/waitlist-for-book

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  • Show Notes

    Spiritual artist Aida Murad joins us in this inspiring episode to discuss how she is using emotionally evocative art for healing, transformation, and reminding people of the innate magic in life.


    After overcoming significant health challenges that disrupted her former career as an economist and strategist, Aida began intuitively channeling her journey through mesmerizing abstract finger and body paintings. She explains how she infuses her artwork with energy through Reiki and collaborates with clients in customized painting sessions designed to help them process emotions and shift mindsets.


    We explore how Aida had to rebuild limiting narratives around being a successful artist and learn to balance structure with play, as well as receive abundance, through her soulful creative work. She shares teachings and books, like Untethered Soul, that provided her the courage to take life less seriously and live more freely.


    Learn simple yet powerful tools from Aida for tapping into your own inner wisdom through art. Contact her for guidance on using painting to achieve your healing and innovation intentions. Find all the links to connect with Aida and her offerings in the show notes below.

    Key Takeaways

    • Art can be a meaningful tool for processing emotions, releasing stuck energy, and intentionally shifting mindsets or environments.
    • Anyone can tap into their inner artist. Art is a powerful way to release stuck energy and realign with your truth.
    • Painting intuitively with your whole body and senses engages your inner wisdom and latent subconscious insights.
    • It's important to let go of expectations with art and make space for something greater than you imagined to emerge through the art.
    • Infuse your artwork with purpose by setting a clear intention, like self-love or confidence. Visualize desired outcomes.
    • Interpreting the metaphors, symbols, colors, and textures in art reveals insights about yourself.
    • Displaying healing art in your home or environment can help reinforce the healing energy and desired outcomes you want to see in your life.
    • Balance playfulness with structure and your masculine and feminine aspects to allow your most authentic self to create.
    • Rewiring limiting stories about what is possible for you and your purpose unleashes your creative potential.
    • Leaning into curiosity and childlike wonder through creativity reminds us of the innate magic within us all.
    • Follow your cravings to make art and be kind to yourself through the process. The desire to create can be healing.
    • It is possible to rewire stories about what's possible for you and your purpose
    • Follow your cravings and be kind to yourself in the creative process - there is a time and place for everything to work out in your favor, or for something unexpected to emerge instead
  • What We Talked About

    • Aida’s journey to become a full time spiritual impact artist who uses art to remind people of the magic in life and help them heal or shift energy.
    • Aida’s background, from being an economist and tech founder to pursuing art full-time after overcoming health crises and reconnecting to her purpose.
    • How art helps people process emotions, foster desired energies and intentions like love or fertility, and see things with new perspective.
    • Rewiring limiting narratives around being an artist and harmful societal narratives that art can't be a viable career linked with the idea of the “starving artist” - and how Aida learned to receive abundance through her art.
    • How to take life less seriously, playing more, honoring both divine masculine and feminine, and being kind to yourself.
    • How to balance structure and play, masculine and feminine.
    • Aida’s methods for creating art, and how she channels paintings and infuses them with healing Reiki energy
    • The power and impact of tapping into your inner wisdom by painting with your body and senses
    • Letting go of expectations and making space for something greater to emerge
    • How Aida supports clients who come to her with a goal of healing and the ways she does this - either through her own art or supporting them to create pieces that help them heal
    • The impact of displaying healing art in your space to shift energy
    • How art reminds us of the magic and beauty innate to life

    Guest Quotes

    • "There isn't a rule book that applies to me. And there isn't a rule book, honestly, that applies to anyone."
    • "Life is magical. Life is beautiful. And it's delicious."
    • "Healing, to me, is a shift from an old reality to a new one."
    • "I painted the whole floor as if you're walking on clouds, because the intention of my studio opening was for people to feel magic."
    • "When we paint with our bodies, we're actually accessing data points that we usually don't tap into. So you're releasing energy and then you're making space for new energy."
    • "Take life less seriously. The end."
    • "My job is to remind the adults about that curiosity, that imagination. They're just connected."
    • "Everyone is an artist. It's just, have we felt safe enough to play again?"
    • "I would tell her we are reminding the world about play and magic, and we get to do that through being us - just showing up and being magical and being playful. And also through art." {about describing what she does to her 5 year old self)
    • "If you have that craving and you're not doing it like you [know you] can, be kind and ask your body, ask your heart what's stopping you?"
    • "I love money and there's had to be a lot of reprogramming around that…Money with that energy gives you freedom, gives you also the ability to be kinder, like in terms of supporting this, supporting that."
    • "I wish I took things less seriously and had more fun with things from early on and realized from that state, everything will just work out quicker."
    • "My job is to facilitate for you to feel safe to access the data within you.”
  • Resources to Learn More


    Thought Leaders

  • Terms & Tools to Dig Deeper

    • Abstract art - Art that does not attempt to represent external reality but explores form, color and emotion.
    • Alignment - Structuring life and art practice to be congruent with one's most authentic self.
    • Artist dates - Dedicated playful time for creative exploration.
    • Art as healing - Using art and creativity as a means to heal emotionally, spiritually, or physically.
    • Art as insight - Gaining realizations and clarity through the metaphoric nature of art.
    • Art as integration - Integrating insights from art into everyday life.
    • Art as meditation - Creating art from a meditative, mindful state.
    • Art as nonverbal communication - Expressing emotions through visual means versus words.
    • Catharsis - Emotional release and purification achieved through creativity.
    • Collaborative art - Creating art collaboratively with a guide rather than solo.
    • Divine masculine/feminine - Concepts representing masculine traits like structure and feminine traits like intuition.
    • Energy transformation - Shifting or releasing stuck energies through the process of art-making.
    • Following creative cravings - Acting on instincts to create without overanalyzing.
    • Finger painting - Painting with the fingers and hands rather than traditional tools to connect with the body's energy.
    • Infusing art with Reiki - Channeling Reiki energy into artworks during the creative process.
    • Inner wisdom - Knowledge and insight sourced from within through intuition.
    • Intention Setting - Clarifying desired outcomes before beginning an artwork. e.g. setting the intention to paint a piece fostering self-love.
    • Interpreting symbolism - Analyzing symbols, colors, textures and other elements appearing in art for self-insight.
    • Intuitive painting - Creating art from an intuitive or spiritual flow state rather than analytical thinking.
    • Letting go of expectations - Detaching from preconceived notions of what the art should be.
    • Processing emotions through art - Using the creative process to release and understand emotions.
    • Rewiring narratives - Transforming self-limiting stories and beliefs consciously through art.
    • Spiritual art - Art that is created with the intention to heal, transform, or channel positive energies.
    • Subconscious insights - Wisdom arising spontaneously from the subconscious mind.
    • Visualization - Imagining and emulating the feeling of achieving desired outcomes. e.g. visualizing an ideal art sale.
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