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#011 - Danielle van de Velde - Healing with Reiki - Episode Transcript

Amanda Parker: [00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to today's episode of Don't Step On The Bluebells. I'm here with the remarkable Dani van der Velde, who is someone that I have really admired for a long time with the incredible work that she puts in the world as a meditation teacher, as a healer, as a mentor, as someone who is always reaching for this incredible creative energy and bringing a really spirited way of living into the world in a way that's super accessible.

So it is really an honor for me to have you here today. Thank you so much for joining us on the podcast. Dani,

Danielle Van de Velde: thanks Amanda. It's so lovely to be here. What a great intro. I'm, I'm gonna keep that recording.

Amanda Parker: please do.

Danielle Van de Velde: Thanks for having me on your great podcast. You know, I've been tracking it since you started it, and, uh, I can see the following growing. You're getting, um, amazing guests [00:01:00] coming in, so it's, it's a real, uh, delight for me to be here and to have a chat with you about the things we love.

Amanda Parker: That is definitely true. So you've been on my radar for quite a while thinking, okay, I wanna bring Dani in. But as someone who has so many different gifts that you offer in the world, I was waiting to figure out what exactly is that right showcase moment that I can bring you onto the podcast for. So I am really excited because today we're gonna be talking all about reiki, and I know there's so many facets, not just to Reiki, but to the way that you uniquely practice this ancient tradition.

And I am selfishly incredibly excited to ask you all of the questions that I have about

Danielle Van de Velde: That's totally cool with me because I absolutely love talking about it. So, um, ask me anything you want.

: Well, I think to start off, um, what I always find really interesting, [00:02:00] you know, when we're in the world of healing and we're helping people and guiding people to find themselves, you can often find yourself in an echo chamber of other healers and people who speak the same language. So bringing this to a very pragmatic level, I would love for you to tell us as though you're telling your five-year-old self, what it is that you do in the world.

Danielle Van de Velde: Ooh, okay. So, uh, well it's, I think if I was to put an umbrella over my different expressions of offerings, it would be to enable people to live a spirited life. That expresses in a number of different ways, and it also expresses in a number of different communities and demographics as well. So, you know, at the, at the very outset, and which was my primary offering when I moved from corporate life and into [00:03:00] working with the energy arts is, uh, I, I teach people how to meditate and, um, and within meditation there are various forms of meditation.

There's breath work and contemplative meditation, somatic meditation, mindfulness meditation. Um, and, uh, we, we really benefit now at this time to have access to a lot of different practices and fantastic masters and, uh, and fantastic history as well of where meditation comes from and different origin cultures.

So, so that's the outset, because in my understanding, I think if we wanna move more into. When I say a spirited life, understanding this dimension of ourself and our consciousness, we, we need to be able to, uh, create some space between our awareness within and what we're able to observe and our interface with modern life, which as we know just is massively, pulls our awareness and dissipates it. So [00:04:00] meditation is the first thing. Um. And that, uh, culminates in a series of different offerings from, uh, you know, teaching meditation to groups of students, to going into corporates and teaching meditation in terms of stress relief and, uh, and sleep management and, um, growing EQ and all that sort of thing.

Um, uh, and then, and also with my private clients as well, you know, um, often people will come in and they're very strung out. There may be anxiety, there may be stress overload, there may be illness in the body. And very often, um, part of the spirit homework, I call it, for them to do is to get a basic daily practice down.

You know, because it regulates the nervous system. It heals the body. And like I said, it creates this space so we're better able to. Perceive the energy in our bodies, we're better able to perceive movement of energy around us. We can access our intuitive information a lot more readily, and we're, [00:05:00] we're, well, we become better within our relational field.

So meditation's one chunk, um, if you wanna call it a chunk, um, I, um, I'm absolutely fascinated by, uh, the capability of the human mind and the operation of consciousness and, uh, and, and that, that fascination has been with me forever, um,

and has led me into, uh, a much deeper, much more profound exploration of the energy arts, including reiki, which is what we're talking about. Um, also psychic develop. I teach psychic development. And I, and we'll get into it in our chat, I'm sure, but there's absolutely a correlation between. Running reiki and the sharpening of the intuitive senses and being able to perceive psychic information. So, um, so that there's sort of, and what I call it is intuitive healing, which includes traditional reiki, but also, uh, [00:06:00] psychic reads. Um, and then as the human mind is like, we never really arrive at our sort of points of discovery. You know, since, uh, I'd say probably about four to five years ago during my reiki sessions, I started to have spontaneous. Um, information coming into my mind, which was relevant to the client, which I knew wasn't psychic.

I knew it,

I knew it was coming from a different source. And, um, and that then started, uh, a, a, a fantastic, uh, journey into the world of psychic mediumship, which I now offer as well. Um, and then. Around all of that, which is really, uh, I guess my sort of practical offerings. Um, I'm, I'm really big on, um, deifying this kind of work, you know, and uh, and like you said, I [00:07:00] think there is kind of like a, there's a soup out there of, um, weird language, um, people, uh, perhaps presenting themselves as, uh, being, uh, gurus or masters and, and it's very confusing, you know?

So, uh, I do produce a lot of content and, and I'm very particular about my language and my presentation, so you'll never see me dancing around with an eagle feather in my hair and like, you know, although I do do that, but that, but that's not the point, you know, that's my. That's my personal, uh, sort of exploration of practice.

So I'm, I'm really big on just plain speak. Um, I love empirical evidence. I love measurement. I love where, uh, the explorations in quantum science and the energy arts are starting to find synergies. Um, I'm, I'm, I love neuroscience as well, so all of my teaching and my content has elements of that. Um, because I've got a very interrogative [00:08:00] mind.

It's not easy for me just to swallow something blindly. I'm always saying, why is that? Why does that make me feel that way? Um, I get a bit fanatical about a new practice and I will keep doing it until I really fully understand it. So, my content production, I've written a book. Um, I'm writing two more currently.

I've got my own podcast, as you know. Um, I produce guided meditation and ritual tracks, which are on insight timer. Um. And, uh, and I'm also very big in forming spiritual communities where people feel like they belong and they feel like they've got permission and license to explore and ask questions and express this aspect of themselves, um, in a way where they feel safe and where they can find some answers.

Answers. And uh, and so, uh, that's another aspect of, of what I do. And I absolutely love it, you know, because I, I just see time and time again, and also in my own personal journey, [00:09:00] how transformative it is when you give space in your life for your spirit. You know, like we we're big on fitness. I know you are a very healthy woman.

I am too. Um, we, we, well, we may fall off the wagon every now and then,

Amanda Parker: We do our best.

Danielle Van de Velde: do our best. We do our best, but we, but, but mainstream understanding of diet and movement and, um, preventative medicine and all that sort of stuff, like people know that. Now whe whether you choose to engage with it or not, it's another thing, the mind body connection.

So the psychophysical neck connection is now, I would say largely understood. So the mindful, uh, mindfulness based stress reduction system of John Cabat in, um, we've got some fantastic, uh, cellular biologists, um, you know, the fantastic Bruce Lipton. We've got guys like, um. Uh, Dr. Joe Dispenza that are really bringing mainstream into predominantly the psychophysical connection.

That [00:10:00] the, the, the connection between how we think and how we respond to life, and the quality of our thoughts and the quality of the resonance of those thoughts and the impact that has on the body. Um, but I, in my view, there's still a spirituality and, and which is not necessarily religious spirituality, although there's amazing intelligence and techniques that come from the big world traditions, which we can access now, which is wonderful.

But spirituality in terms of an essential aspect of the self and, and, and also the causal aspect of the self, I think is the next frontier. And that's where I, uh, like to really focus my own personal exploration and, and also all of my content and all of my teaching. I don't know.

Was that, was that succinct enough?

Amanda Parker: that, that was incredible actually. I was just gonna say, I wanna take this and I wanna feed this exactly [00:11:00] into all of my marketing

Danielle Van de Velde: Awesome.

Amanda Parker: what you've just said.

No, I mean, I, I find it really, um. Challenging, and it's probably just a barrier that I'm overcoming myself to share with people the value of, as you call it, spirited living, which is a beautiful phrase that you, I'm giving you credit, I believe you have coined it.

Danielle Van de Velde: Yes.


Amanda Parker: Um, yes. So really giving people that opportunity to recognize it's not religion. It doesn't have to be even deep spirituality, but it's a belief that there's more that I can engage with something more, that there's many opportunities to connect within. And as you said, the deeper that you go in these different practices, whether it's meditation or reiki or different practices, then more and more stuff starts to enter your field of awareness that you get to choose if you wanna engage with it or not.

And I find, yeah.

Danielle Van de Velde: I, yeah, I absolutely, and, and I would add to [00:12:00] that too, that, um, it, well, certainly in my experience and what I can see with the people that I coach and my clients and, and my communities is that when we, uh, cultivate and allow space in our lives for spirituality, what comes with that, aside from the wonderful healing and self-regulation and um, and secondary intelligence and those sort of things that get cultivated by spiritual practice is this. Fantastic empowering, um, realization that we, we have self-agency and I think this is where the ga, this is where the real transformation starts to take place. And, uh, and, and, and having a, a, an inbuilt, uh, compass, which we all have, which is reliable and potentially more reliable than what our mundane senses and, uh, is bringing into our awareness.

And, uh, so [00:13:00] there's empowerment and self-agency that comes with spiritual inquiry, which I. I don't, th I think is limited to an extent if we're just working with the body, if we're just working with the, with, with the mental field. If we're just working with the emotional field, although you could argue they're all actually elements of one consciousness, which is,

which is what I teach from the Kos from yoga.

But, um, yeah, we've got this missing bit that, uh, I, I think is, uh, is super exciting. And it, it does take us to a very different understanding of who and what we are and, and what life is. And, uh, that, that to me is very exciting and that heals and empowers.

Amanda Parker: And would you say that, um, I mean, do people enter this world of spirited living from any area of their life? I mean, is it a certain age range or demographic or people coming from all [00:14:00] over? Is there some kind of trend that you see about when people are going, okay, I'm ready to have a different kind of living?

Danielle Van de Velde: Yeah, well, I mean it, for some people it can be triggered by crisis. So,

um, you know, they may be very ill or they may lose their job or their marriage may break up, or there may be a life crisis, which I. Brings them to some kind of a realization that there's gotta be a better way. Um, but I didn't have a crisis, so, um, you know, my journey was in Shamanism we talk about, you know, the, the sort of two paths to kind of waking up.

I don't like the terms awakening or enlightenment because I think they've got this, them and us better than worse than kind of inference in them. But. I like the term unfoldment. That's a term we use in mediumship, you know, but it's certainly in my unfoldment and in shamanism, what we talk about. So you either walk the path of the wounded healer or you walk the ecstatic path.

And [00:15:00] certainly my path's been the ecstatic path. You know, like I've never, I'd never get sick. I've had a, a brilliant upbringing. Uh, I, I'm fantastic education, great careers, you know, like, so there wasn't a moment where I had a judder shock in my life and went, there's gotta be a different way. For me it was an unfoldment.

I think that's probably the better way to put it. But certainly people who come into my arena, um, it can be a life crisis. Um. It can be a, a gentle, ecstatic path of unfoldment where there's just something there, you know, it, it can be as well, which I find interesting. Um, uh, kind of, uh, much more spontaneous psychic experiences or mediumistic experiences, but they don dunno what's going on, you know, because they, they don't have a frame of

reference. 'cause it may not have been recognized in their family or other, or they don't have a set of friends they can talk about it with. Um, uh, that's happening more, which is interesting.

Um, but in terms of demographics, uh, [00:16:00] I, I would say I'm probably about, uh, 60% women, 40% men. In my client base and communities.

Um, I live in Singapore as you know. Um, when I started out I was almost a hundred percent expats. Um, but that has definitely shifted. I would say I am 50 50 sort of local Southeast Asian clients and 50%, um, uh, expats from, from sort of western, you know, Caucasian extraction. Um. I, I tend not to see very young children.

Uh, I do get asked a lot, you know, but I, I don't because, um, more and more when I'm doing energy healing and doing reiki, a big component of that is really some coaching as well about perspective shifting, uh, getting a daily practice in, of even simple breath work, um, uh, where they could be just, you know, switching out a couple of sort of crappy habits, which are really [00:17:00] affecting their resonance field.

Um, and so I like that conversation. So I, I've, I now say I, I, I do see teens, but, um, not very regularly. Um, you know, I, I prefer to work with adults and, and also I guess in my demographic, they, they tend to be people who are already in some kind of spiritual inquiry. So unless they're coming in for a physical illness, and, uh, and that's where it starts.

Um, the, in terms of trends, uh, I I would definitely say just more people. More people. And, um, I, I do think that's a combination of a number of things. I think there's way better content out there, like your podcast, for example, and your amazing guests that you speak to, um, naturally. Um, and, uh, I, I think there are [00:18:00] some amazing voices out there, like I mentioned a few, but, um, there is some really fantastic modern day mystics I would call them, that are putting some vernacular and so some vocabulary around these experiences that people have and what's possible that perhaps we haven't had before. Um, I. And then of course there's the post covid effect. So I think the Covid experience for all of us, um, created health crises for, for a lot of us, and a lot of people are still dealing with those, with long covid. But in my view, I think it generated a, a big question mark in a lot of people's minds about the pharmaceutical model. Um, and about traditional Western medicine and, and, and a curiosity and a reach for alternative methods of healing. And so it's not just re the reiki practitioners like me that are super busy, you know, but traditional Chinese medicine's, very, very [00:19:00] busy. A lot of the other energy modalities that, and of the healers that I'm networked with in Body Talk, for example, craniosacral, um, you know, these beautiful modalities, they're, they're being, they're, they're, it's getting very, very busy.

So, uh, I think there's a post covid effect to it as well. And, and in addition to that, there's better and better empirical evidence that this stuff works. So, um, that combined I think is, uh, you know, is seeing the rise of the energy arts and the energy healer at this time.

Amanda Parker: Well, I think it's amazing, and I will also plug your podcast for a moment because Dani has this incredible podcast called The Modern Crone, and she is speaking every season has a different topic, a different theme having to do with this spirited living. So for example, there is one season on the energy arts, there's one season on mediumship, there's a season on [00:20:00] creativity,

and you can really listen to people who are engaging in those different areas every single day.

It is phenomenal because as you're speaking about these different energy arts and different healing abilities, I'm thinking of every episode of your podcast that I have listened to

Danielle Van de Velde: That's good. That

makes me happy.

Amanda Parker: awe.

Danielle Van de Velde: There's some incredible guests on there, isn't there? Like, and the char and the, and the season on Shamanism was great too. I'm doing a good one at the moment. I'm doing, uh, I haven't started releasing it yet, but I'm, I'm doing an exploration of love. And

it's it's mind blowing.

So I am speaking with psychologists and counselors, sex therapists and, and, and, and, and also energy healers that tap, um, the frequency of love to heal and, uh, and mediums as well. Uh, does love prevail after death. And it's really changing, shifting my needle on my understanding of love. I don't think I've [00:21:00] thought about love that much, you know?

So I've just sort of felt it, taken it for granted, expressed it, but um, so that's quite cool. But that's what's good about doing a podcast, isn't it? Is you get to talk to all these great people.

Amanda Parker: That's it. I said I'm successful as long as I get to have these conversations. If no one else listens, it's okay if a lot of people listen. Great. 'cause I'm just gonna ask all the questions I'm really eager and anxious to know about.

Danielle Van de Velde: I think that's why don't step on the Bluebells is such an engaging listen, because you, uh, you ask questions like, oh, that's what I would've asked. That's a good question. You know? So, yeah.

So thanks for the plug, warmly received.

Amanda Parker: Well, very happily. Um, yeah, I mean it's, there's so much wisdom in just everything that you share and I really love the super pragmatic approach, just the way that you really, as you said earlier, deify it all, all because I think a lot of [00:22:00] people feel maybe they have that calling or that urge, but, you know, even for me, it was really important in designing this podcast that it's not.

In some feminine palette with like pale rose colors and pinks, and that's sort of what I see all over the place now when people talk about spirituality, it's a lot of, you know, people who have discovered one small element and it works for them and they smack a bunch of feminine colors on it and put it out into the world, and you're really missing the opportunity to go wider and reach a lot more people who need that message.

Danielle Van de Velde: definitely. I mean, you've heard me bang on about it before, um, in my socials about this whole love and light crap, right? So, uh, you know,

Amanda Parker: isn't it all love and light? I mean,

Danielle Van de Velde: Uh, don't get me started, but I, you know, that, that's just bypassing the game, you know, and

I, I, and, and bypassing discomfort. [00:23:00] And, and I think what comes with spiritual empowerment is an ability to, to change our perspectives on what we might have otherwise labeled as discomfort, challenge even illness, and actually cooperate with it and work with it and transmute it that way.

And, um, so yeah, I'm, uh, you'll always see me bashing on about the love and lighters. I can't stand it.

Amanda Parker: Well, I think it's also, I know for me, the way that my journey started was training as a coach and at the same time training as a reiki healer. Actually that impulse came from our mutual friend Jane, who said, you know, Amanda, check this out. So I was traveling, I was in Thailand, and I met the woman who became my Reiki teacher, Emma McKendrick.

And she's really phenomenal. And that was, I didn't know it at the time, but that was the beginning of waking up for

Danielle Van de Velde: Yeah,

Amanda Parker: And I had no idea [00:24:00] how to go deeper. I didn't know what it was. I knew there was all this energy and ideas. And honestly, the last six years have been that exploration. That is literally why I am doing this now.

Because I think a lot of people just try to find a way in, but they don't know how.

And then there's that, that person on their feed who does, you know, the tantra breath work or whatever,

whatever it is. And that's maybe just the door opener for many people to start exploring.

Danielle Van de Velde: definitely. I think, I think different people have different sort of entry points into the world of spirituality and, and uh, and there are certainly many entry points out there. I, I do really encourage people to be very InterG about it and, and almost a little bit skeptical, you know, to really trust their instinct on stuff and, um, and get referrals from other people.

I mean, a lot of the energy arts are not regulated and, uh, and so you really do need to go by word of [00:25:00] mouth and you need to trust your instinct on different practitioners because with energy work, you know, you, you. You're exposed in a way, energetically to the practitioner. And you know, if there's some sketchy stuff in there that you can very easily be affected very negatively by that, you know, and, and some of my work, I I call them cleanup jobs, where, um, people will come in and they will have had an experience with a self-professed energy guru or something, and they're left in a mess.

And, uh, and that is a proportion of my work, people coming in or, or they're given some strange theory about something like, um, you've got a demonic attachment or something. And, and it's put them in a huge spiral of fear. And the fear itself is then starting to manifest different things around them. And, and so they're, they're then in this, in this terrible state, which has been just planted in their mind and the mind because it's so powerful and so [00:26:00] creative. Um. It creates these terrible negative experiences, which then they sort of take as confirmation that something really is wrong. You know, and I I, I, I find that unconscionable, unconscionable behavior, you know, to, um, to pedal fear, um, within a spiritual context. I, I, I'm particularly, um, you know, sort of very, very vocal about that.

And, uh, um, oh, there was a little sign there saying, are we okay still recording? Yeah.

Amanda Parker: We're still recording and we're back in sync.

Danielle Van de Velde: Okay. Groovy. Um, but I, I do think, um, from my observation when I've spoken to certainly my teachers, the amazing mediums that I'm now connected with, Reiki does seem to be a pretty common entry point for people.


they've gone to a great Reiki practitioner and they've had an experience of energy, or they've had a, like a serious big healing, um, or they're drawn to learn reiki like, [00:27:00] like you've been and, and me. Um, and it's, they've come to realize that it's way more than a healing modality. Like it actually really changes your life.

Like it, um, because you, you're tapping a, a frequency, you know, which is, uh, which is quite universal. I mean, that's what reiki means. The Japanese name Reiki ray is universal in key is G or life force. So you're tapping a lifewood, harmonizing a. Universal power. And whether you are running it through your system for your clients for healing work or you know, whether you just wanna learn it or receive it from a good healer, it has a vast impact on your life beyond the mind body emotional energy system.

It, it, um, it has an organizing principle to it, which you can see play out, uh, in your day to

Amanda Parker: What does that mean in organizing principle?

Danielle Van de Velde: So I, the way that I see it is that, um, and the way [00:28:00] that I explain it to, um, my, uh, my students is that it, it, it has a, a harmonic pattern. That would be a good way to say it. And so when we are in a life situation where there's disharmony or or where there's dissonance, and you could argue that an illness is a dissonance in the body. Dis-ease, you know, a feeling of non ease. Um, what Reiki has the ability to do is bring harmony to dissonance, and that's why it's such an effective healing modality. And it's also why the practitioner doesn't necessarily need to know what the cause is of the dissonance. I like to know. And, um, and I think intuitively because reiki. Sharpens the intuitive senses. You, you can read what's going on as the re is moving, [00:29:00] but it's described in the writing and as an osmotic force. So, uh, it's intelligent. So, and that's why it very common, a very common experience, which is what I experienced when I first, um, had reiki, and I'm sure you've had this too, is where the practitioner might have their hands actually literally touching your head, but you have a sensation of being touched at your stomach or being touched at your feet.

And you, you can lie there and you can go, how are they doing that? 'cause it's a very, very palpable feeling, but it's because the reiki is moving to the center that needs the harmonizing and it's really just entering the system through the practitioner.

Amanda Parker: So I've often heard it described as, yeah, like reiki is an intelligent force, so it's really able to go where it needs to go.

And I have a feeling by now people are sitting, listening, going, okay, what is reiki? So [00:30:00] let's, let's start with the baby steps now and say what actually is reiki?

Danielle Van de Velde: So, well, the name is a useful starting point to that. So, universal life force. So, uh, if you, um, can hold the perspective, which is provable through, uh, atomic science, that everything that we consider to be solid and perceivable in the natural universe is actually vibrating energy. And so you take an atom, you look at it under an atomic microscope, and, and there's nothing solid there.

It, there's a nucleus and there's a vortex of spinning energy and there's, you know, subatomic particle, subatomic particles spinning all around it in a pattern. So if you say, okay, well then our, our mind body energy system of, we, we'll talk about humans, but there's also [00:31:00] animal reiki and there's plant reiki, there's all sorts of reiki.

But anything living basically is an organization of information in the form of vibrating energy. So if you think of yourself as that, and then what reiki is, is I would say the essential force that keeps all those atoms spinning on their axes. It's life force, and it's often referred to as life force.

And the trajectory of life is to thrive and to evolve. And so if we are tapping reiki, we are tapping the essential. Uh, base vibration, I guess that is enables the trajectory of life, which is to thrive, to be well, and to evolve or to unfold and, um, in our awareness and our consciousness. So, [00:32:00] uh, you know, to sort of boil all that down, it's vital life force.

It's life wood, it's harmonizing, it's intelligent. It definitely can be felt. So this is another thing that I will get in my room. So someone might come into the healing rooms and they'll say, I'll, I'll ask, always ask them, you know, have you had reiki before? Do you understand what you signed it for? Um, and, um, and quite often, I, I will hear, well, I had reiki, but I didn't feel anything. And, but the Reiki practitioner said it was going in at a higher level of self. I. And I just call BS on that. Like it's an energy art. So an energy we can perceive, our body can perceive it, our AIC field can perceive it, our mind can perceive it, you know, energy we have, we, we are surrounded by energy. And energy brings us to bear.

You know, the light, the colors that we see are all forms of energy, the sounds that we hear, [00:33:00] Sonic energy, um, the touch of a, uh, someone who's soothing you if you're really sad, like someone who you trust that you feel safe with when they touch you, that is emotional energy moving from them to you. Um, the more psychically aware of us, you know, we will pick up on, and all of us have had this spontaneously where you think of someone and then you hear from them the next day. That's thought energy. That's mental energy, you know, so we're, we are participating in a. Amazing dance and symphony of all different forms of energy, but we just don't see it that way. And, and Reiki, I would say is the essential, vital frequency of that energy.

Amanda Parker: It's, it's fascinating because I've had the experience on. Well, I guess many levels, right? And I think when people are first learning reiki, you're taught, oh, okay, maybe they won't feel it, but you can guarantee people will just feel relaxed. So [00:34:00] as like a newer Reiki practitioner, you will tell people, oh, you might not feel it, but you're gonna just have a general sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

And I, I fully buy into that. And it's also, I've had the experience of reiki where, oh my God, it was painful, what was going on? Because you're really feeling things shifting within. And the experience of reiki where I just fell asleep,

Danielle Van de Velde: yeah. Yeah.

Amanda Parker: I'm just, I don't even know what's going on. And then as the recipient,

Danielle Van de Velde: Yeah, absolutely. So, uh, you know, I, I think that's partly got to do with the practitioner.

So there, there are a lot of practitioners and which is a really beautiful, uh, really viable form of reiki, where they offer reiki, which is a bit like to relax and to feel a bit of a lift. Okay. And that's cool, you know, and then, um, but, and, and Reiki will do that, you know, so if it's refracting through, if it's coming through a practitioner and [00:35:00] that's their frame,

that's what will be experienced. Um, for me, I always want more. I'm not, I'm not that relaxation's. Great. And, and for some people, like today was interesting. So I'm speaking to you. After seeing six clients today, every single one of them got knocked out like they were shot with a tranquilizer dart because the reiki knows that that's what they needed. They needed a very, very deep, immediate move into. Deep sleep and, um, and it, and as they sleep and they're snoring and, and all of that sort of thing, I can feel then, because then their executive mind is out of the way. I can feel the reiki moving very, very deeply into their system. Um, so relaxation, uh, stress relief, uh, all of that kind of stuff.

It does. But, um, I think if the practitioner, uh, is a bit of a psycho note like you and I, um, it [00:36:00] then opens the field for the reiki actually to do a lot more. And, and I, I've seen some amazing stuff in my healing rooms. I've seen bones straighten, um, I've seen incredible, um, emotional release. Uh, I've seen lineage healing happening, which expresses in a spontaneous menstrual bleed for the client.

Um, I've seen, um. Uh, well, you name it, I've seen it. Right. So there there's no limit to reiki. Um,

Amanda Parker: Bones straightening

Danielle Van de Velde: yeah,

yeah, yeah. Well act,

Amanda Parker: tell us a bit more?

Danielle Van de Velde: yeah. Well, well actually, if I, I have to correct that it wasn't actually on the table, it was in an attunement workshop. So, uh, and this is another part of reiki, so, um, to, to work with reiki, there is a process which we call attunement.

And this is where, um, you need to, well, I, I practice a sui reiki, so [00:37:00] this is the most traditional form of reiki. And there are other forms of reiki, like angelic reiki and twoo reiki, and heart reiki, and they're called different things. But I, I'm a bit anal when it comes to my spiritual modalities, and I like to go to the original and the, and po possibly the most disciplined. And I go with it until I've got it. And, uh, and so that, that's basically a sui reiki for me, and it's very precise and it's very, very disciplined. And, um, I like that because it's a scaffolding that you can hold onto. Um, but a part of the attunement process is when you wanna become a Reiki practitioner. There in the Yasui system, there are three levels. And, uh, at, at each level there's a different set of attunements, which are given to you by a reiki master teacher, which is the level that I'm at. And, um, to become a reiki master teacher, if you're following it, [00:38:00] traditionally, it takes years because you can't really understand and put to use and embody the attunements unless you are really running the reiki and you are in a direct relationship with it as a form of intelligence, you know?

So it was a level two attunement. Um, a a a, an amazing woman. Um, she's also a medium as well. She's, she's studying mediumship now, now that we are doing that together. Um, and, uh, she, during the attunement, she had this incredible. Incredibly powerful, um, energetic movement. So the attunement basically is where the master teacher will, there's a lot of teaching obviously, but then there is, uh, it looks a bit funny.

If you were to, if I was to be filmed attuning someone I, it, it would be, it looks very doctor strange, you know, you, you are actually invoking patterns energetically in, in the atmosphere around the person. [00:39:00] You're attuning and you're moving those patterns into their ORIC field. And she had a huge experience and, um, and it takes a little while to bring them out of the attunement, which, which I do as a meditation teacher.

I know how to do that. And she was sort of, um. Sitting there kind of like bending her arm up and down like this and looking incredulously at her arm. And, uh, I always like to get feedback because very often there can be some pretty big psychic experiences. There can be experiences of, of guides as well. Um, and, uh, so I like everyone to back. And I, and I said to her, I said, what's going, what's going on with the arm? And she said, everyone, look at this. Look at this. What's this? What can you see? And we went, oh, straight arm. You know, she said, I've never been able to straighten my arm since I was, I think it was about 12.

She was hit by a truck and the bone healed at an angle.

And, [00:40:00] and um, and after the attunement and the movement of reiki, which does run through all the meridians, you know, like you, I can sort of see how that would happen. Um, the bone straightened.

Amanda Parker: Oh my God.

Danielle Van de Velde: Yeah.

Amanda Parker: Okay,

Amanda Parker: Dani, this, this alone, people don't worry. I'm sharing her contact information later and in the show notes.

Danielle Van de Velde: Yeah.


Amanda Parker: that is something, if I can say, because I have not had that experience as a Reiki healer myself. So I still have a bit of that doubt of like how much is really possible. So I listen and I know it, and I believe it, and it's true.

And it's still up here because I haven't seen it myself with, you know, a client or someone that I'm working with.

Danielle Van de Velde: Yeah, but I mean, you could argue, I'm sure you've seen some amazing emotional transmutation, right? So, um, you, you might see, 'cause you're a mind girl, right? So you might see people come in with [00:41:00] neurodiversity or overwhelming anxiety or prolonged depression, um, that, that the meds aren't really working for them either.

And, and you can see like, um, those kind of healings, which I think is just as miraculous as a bone straightening, you know, they're just, rather than the healing and the physicality, it's healing of the mind, you know? Um,

so sometimes, yeah, yeah. yeah. No, don't discount it, you know, and,

and very often I, I would say almost always, there's a correlation.

Amanda Parker: Hmm.

Danielle Van de Velde: So, um, between the mind and the body and the emotional state and so on. So, uh, any kind of healing, I, I don't think you can rate it as one's better than the other. I mean, arguably they can be perceived as a bit more spectacular, but, um, I do think it's, it's definitely around what you believe is possible. And, and also I think as a healer, it's around your [00:42:00] direct relationship with the reiki. You know, and I will say that to my students that come through for attunement, I'll say, we're, you're not completing something here. You're actually initiating something. It's more like an initiation, I think. And, and your responsibility as a healer now is to start to cultivate a conscious relationship with the intelligent. Force of, of reiki. And it will guide you. It will guide you. And, and it does, you know, you, and you'd know this, I guess you start sticking to your hand positions and you do it all to the book. But then there comes a point where you actually have a very strong, intuitive prompt to create a poll of energy within the person's system.

Or you may feel it's time to move from the heart center down to the lower centers, but your hands won't move from the heart because the reiki is still doing the job there. You know? So, uh, with a, with an inte, with a sort of [00:43:00] an, a, a conscious relationship with this force, um, you start to then really see what is possible. Um, I had another amazing example that I, I give my students, sometimes the body's healing response can be a little bit delayed. So I had this beautiful man who had this, uh, esophageal. Uh, sort of, um, it's got a term, a medical term, but it is basically like he had a frozen esophagus and it caused all sorts of problems for him.

So he was a wheeler dealer. He had to have a lot of lunches and dinners. It was very difficult for him to swallow. Um, it was affecting his gut health. Um, it was making him very stressed. Uh, he, he had all sorts of tried different treatments and, and his throat just locked up and it affected his ability to communicate, which is affecting everything. Um, and he was a skeptic, like I think his wife booked him in, right? I said, go and see this woman. And, and I, I, I think I vaguely [00:44:00] remember, it was a while ago, I vaguely remember the conversation going, do you know what you're here for? He goes, no, I just do what she says. And I said, okay. And I, so I sort of explained what Reiki is and I said, but the best thing to do is just experience it and will I feel anything?

You will feel a lot. So let's just get into it, rather than me trying to give words to it. Um. And he had a, he had a very, I think he fell asleep. And, and, but he did have, he came out and he did feel very different. He said, wow. He said, I haven't felt this feeling of ease for some time, but it wasn't until the next day that I got this like, amazed message from him.

And he said that, uh, I, I'll probably relay the details exactly as it was. I can't remember them, but he was in the bathroom getting ready for work and he was looking at himself in the mirror and he had a glass of water there and he really wanted to gulp it down. And he was looking at it going, can I? And he said, the way he described it [00:45:00] is he said he could feel the, uh, lock of his esophagus open, like, uh, an electric car window.

It just went down, down, down, down, down. And he gulped this glass of water. Like the first glass of water he'd ever gold. And it, it, never came back. It never seized again. You know? And, uh, thankfully he was super popular and networked and started, all these people started coming through the door going, oh, I've spoken to so and so and he sent me, heres so, so the physical healing as, as we're talking about that at the moment, um, you know, there sometimes it can happen spontaneously. Sometimes there's a sort of a lag effect 'cause the body's a denser energy vibe, you know, so the healing might take place energetically and mentally and emotionally and then like a couple of weeks later, the body will catch up. That's very [00:46:00] common. Um, but also sometimes people need to actually change the habits and things that are causing. The, the, the illness. And, uh, that's where the coaching comes in. So they will have a respite during and immediately after the session, but if they just go back to feeling angry or whatever the thing is, which is causing the disquiet in their system, it's gonna come back. And that's why I think the coaching is important.

Amanda Parker: Yeah, it's, um, something that came up in a recent podcast episode was really about the integration

because in, in some cases what you're describing really is there's healing that happens in that moment. Um, but often you also have to integrate what has shifted. Either that means creating space for it or reflecting or just being with it, or maybe it really is changing [00:47:00] behaviors, mindsets, beliefs, different things that I.

Allow you to change your vibration or how you're engaging in the world.

Um, otherwise you're just gonna be faced with the same

Danielle Van de Velde: Yeah, it'll come back. It'll come back until you see it, you know? And I, I, I, I think that is really key. You know, like, and, and I also think this is part of this paradigm shift from a western pharmaceutically driven healing model. We are so used to just taking a pill and knocking out the symptom. And, uh, uh, you know, I know that's a very generalized term and I respect western medicine.

And often I will work with my cancer patients. I will work alongside Western cancer treatments. Re is fantastic for mitigating side effects of cancer treatments. Just brilliant. So I, I work with a lot of cancer patients that are going through their treatment on mindset, but also to mitigate, we time it to their chemo cycles. But I think generally, I think a lot of [00:48:00] people come into the rooms with this idea, just fix me. And I'll go, well, I, I can for probably about 36 hours. But until you take full responsibility for yourself and know that you are generating everything you're experiencing, it's just gonna keep cycling around like that dud boyfriend, or that, you know, or that experience, or that's the way life works.

You know, it'll keep knocking at your awareness until you see it properly and take responsibility for it.

Amanda Parker: And probably people who are not exposed to this world, otherwise, by the time they're coming to see you, this has been going on for a long time and they've probably tried different things before they actually come in and go, okay, now I'm just ready.

Danielle Van de Velde: Oh yeah.

Amanda Parker: work again.

Danielle Van de Velde: Yeah. Yeah, I, I definitely see that with the fertility work. So this is

another beautiful demographic of people that I work with, which are women who are, um, who are trying to fall pregnant and, and for a variety of different reasons. Uh, they, they just can't. And, uh, but they, they will often [00:49:00] come and see me when they're on their final last IVF embryo.

And, and so the stakes are super high. Um, uh, but I would like to say that, um, I've got a, I've got a, I'm running a 95% hit rate on fertility.

So, and and I and I keep, I've got this fantastic gallery of, uh, the double red lines, not the covid test, the pregnancy test. And I only got one, I only got one this weekend, and she said,

add this to your gallery.

You know, so the, so, so there, there is. There's something, I mean, this is another application of reiki, which I don't, which you don't hear a lot about, you know, but this ability to open up the energy body and open up the spirit to possibility, which then allows enough sort of space for those possibilities to take root.


Amanda Parker: you be able to share, I don't know if you can put it into words, but for example, in a fertility case, what's happening in that moment that someone comes [00:50:00] in, they've been trying, it's not working, and then all of a sudden they're able to become pregnant?

Danielle Van de Velde: yeah, I, there's a lot of coaching involved.

So it's, it's not just the, the reiki, I mean, in some ways the reiki is almost for, for me, the diagnostic. Um, and, and it's, it's amazing how many women come in that, um, are, are fertile, that like there's no actual medical reason why they can't conceive and, and also their partners as well. Um, so it's gotta be something else. And, uh, and the reiki can really reveal that, you know? Um, and it's very different for everybody. But some typical examples might be that they, they hold, um, a, a fear about the disruption to their life. So they're torn. So, uh, they, they want the experience of motherhood, they want the experience of growing their tribe, but at the same time, they've got a bit of an unconscious thing going on that it's gonna completely disrupt their life.

A lot of people hold fear around [00:51:00] it disrupting their partnership. Um, a lot of people have, um, sort of family of origin fear around childbirth. Um, uh, I mean these are some typical examples, um, but sadly I think what that compounds when they've been through, um, you know, a few zillion rounds and a and, and a hundred thousand dollars worth of IVF, where there is so much pressure on them.

Um, the, the other thing that I would say to a, a really significant and essential shift in perspective that I work with with these women is, um, when you, when they've been trying to fall pregnant for a long time, they are single pointed on the moment of conception. And they're not at all, uh, having a higher, longer view on the initiation of motherhood. And that's the primary thing that I work with them on is how are you looking at this? Because our [00:52:00] perspectives, um, dictate the movement of energy and that, and so if they've got, if they're just single pointed on conception, it's so tight and it requires so much focus. If you, if you wanna energetically move that, that it, that a lot of people just don't have that time or that ability. So I work with them on a lot of visualization on walking down the beach with that little hand in theirs, or three o'clock in the morning breastfeeding with a tiny little body on lying on their belly. I'd take them past conception and past birth. Into visualizing and feeling into the experience of motherhood. That's one example of other things that we do, but

Amanda Parker: I mean, that sounds amazing. And so, it's like you're clearing out what's really standing in the way. And it's fascinating because most people wouldn't even [00:53:00] consider that. They will assume it's physical or something. They won't even consider, oh my God, am I actually terrified to be a mother or something else that you're really able to see when you're coming together with them in that moment to figure out, okay, what's actually going on here?

And I love that you bring in the visualization.

It's, I mean. This is something I do with coaching clients that it's just, whether it's inner child work or seeing yourself in the future, and I honestly wish I had someone with me every single day just to guide me through the visualizations that I need for the day, because it's so powerful to see that and to experience it and sit.

Danielle Van de Velde: Oh yeah, it's beautiful and it, it's, uh, it's gorgeous for it start.

And, uh, but, but what, what a good a well-crafted visualization does is it changes your resonance. And it's, it's, it's the resonance. It's the vibrational resonance. It's the frequency that's generated within [00:54:00] you, which attracts or repels different experiences in your life. And fear for example's, got a huge psychic weight. It's very contracted. Even if it's unconscious fear, you're not even aware that you're afraid of it, of the birth or what the impact on your, on your partnership or whatever. Um, but, uh, fear can, fear can really, uh, yeah, can really mess up the works. But what's also beautiful too is, um. I'll give this example of this client who sent me the, the double reds for the gallery on the weekend is she saw me two weeks prior and, um, no medical reason, no infertility diagnosed, just, just has a healthy baby, um, child. And, but just desperate for another one, it just wasn't happening. Um, and uh, she had a lot of fear actually, which the Reiki cleared out.

Reikis great for that, just brings fear up and out. It's fantastic. Um, [00:55:00] but also what, what I've been able to perceive is that she was actually pregnant in that session

Amanda Parker: Oh wow.

Danielle Van de Velde: Yeah. And, and this is the thing that I've, over the years, I've come to recognize the presence of life in in a woman. And even if they're not aware of it yet, and, uh, it, it, it is the most beautiful feeling and Reiki facilitates that.

So it's only when I've got my hands over their womb. And the way that I describe it to my students is the feeling of it, if I was to describe it in a different way, is that if you live in a northern climate, so you, you do, so you're in the UK and, and you've also lived in more northern climates. Right. And you know, it's, it's the time of year where the winter, uh, like now where the winter is starting to break, it's still quite cold, but there is that moment where the light is a bit different or you might get. Sunlight on your face and it's just a little [00:56:00] bit warmer and you go, oh, this spring. It's like the super early spring feeling. That's what a newly conceived human feels like inside their mother, before the mother's aware of it. It's that kind of frequency. It's, it's all frequencies. Um, so, uh, but you've gotta be careful how you relay that, obviously.

So what I said to her was, do you know where your cycle's at? And uh, she said, oh, I'm expecting my bleed next week. And I said, I want you to progress from this session as if you're pregnant. Just pretend you're pregnant. Because I didn't want her to load it up with expectations 'cause that can

distort it. But I didn't want going out and getting smashed on tequila either. So I was saved, you know what I mean? So I said, just pretend you're pregnant. Start taking fate, pretend you're pregnant, you know, and then, and see what happens with your cycle. And sure enough, she was pregnant. So, so beautiful.

Amanda Parker: Well, I think there's something else you mentioned that's just worth mentioning, especially for someone who's listening and [00:57:00] really not familiar with how all of this works, that you have the permission of your clients. To see these things and to go deep within it. So you're not walking down the street going, she's pregnant, she's not, this person is nothing like that.

You're really working intentionally with your clients in that way.

Danielle Van de Velde: Absolutely. The law of permission, I'm huge on this and, um, because for a number of reasons. Um. It's, it's a very intimate thing, energy healing. Like you, you are really blending with the ORIC field to the other person. And, um, and, and to some extent the, your ability to do that, um, is reliant on them opening the door to you.

You know? So that would be the first one. Um, the, the second thing is, is that with that permission, there's an openness to perhaps accept and take responsibility for something that they may have been swerving. There's an openness [00:58:00] to the possibility of healing. You know, there's an openness that comes with permission, but, but also, particularly as, you know, with reiki, there's, there's the, uh, there's the symbol within reiki.

We can talk about the symbols, but there's a formula, if you like, within reiki that allows the practitioner to send distance healing and, um, and, uh. You are sending a very powerful and potentially disruptive form of energy into the ORIC field, which then plays into the mind and the body of the recipient. Um, and you really don't wanna be doing that if they're flying down like the freeway in a car or if they're, if they're in a serious presentation at a board meeting or something, you know? So, um, so there has to be permission and, and certainly for me, with my distance clients that I speak to every, uh, that I work with every week, we ti we line up the timing. So [00:59:00] I'm in Singapore, if they're in the States or Canada, it's early morning for me, and they line up the timing. I, I, I tell them to be in a quiet space, very comfortable and very relaxed and, and uninterrupted. So, because I think part of it is them actually perceiving the energy coming in and where it's working on them. And there's always these beautiful synergies when we compare notes afterwards. So, so Canada, us in the morning, uh, my UK clients after lunch, um, you know, Indian and Australian clients, they can be pretty much any time 'cause the time difference. But, uh, but yeah, that's, uh, and then evening for, for the European clients.

So, um, I think you've gotta work around time zones, but I think permission is absolutely important. And with distance healing, I think they need to be expecting it because, so they, you know.

Amanda Parker: Hmm, I, I had this amazing moment receiving a distance session, it was [01:00:00] a number of years ago, and I was, I set up a whole beautiful space for myself just to completely relax and be present and, you know, put a yoga mat on the floor with lots of blankets and pillows and candles. And I remember when the session was beginning, I felt like I felt in this sort of half awake, half asleep state.

And then I felt two of my cats who had passed away a few years before, I felt them just come in and lie in their positions, excuse me, where they used to lie on me, like one on my belly, one next to my right hip. And they took their positions. I just, I wasn't fully aware. I said, oh, this is nice. But I wasn't really aware of what was going on.

After the session, the healer asked me like, who were the cats that came into the session? And I said, what? Because she knew they weren't still alive. She could tell that they had just come [01:01:00] in and that their energy was really there and protective. But my God, that was so

Danielle Van de Velde: Yeah. That's very beautiful. Yeah. And, and, and it's not uncommon, you know, um, whether it's an in-person session or a distance session, you obviously were tapping a great healer then. Um, but it's not uncommon for people to feel presences around them. Very loving, you know, and, uh, certainly in my, um, my in-person sessions, a lot of my clients have the sensation that someone very loving is holding their hand.

Amanda Parker: Hmm.

Danielle Van de Velde: Um, so I, I do think that higher vibratory energy, that higher resonance that reiki is, um. Opens up perception to those kinds of things. And,

Amanda Parker: Mm

Danielle Van de Velde: and when I'm doing distance healing, uh, when I create the connection with the client through the sui reiki method, and, and I, it's funny because it's called distance healing, but I, that's [01:02:00] not how I experience, uh, which is the name of the formula.

Um, I experience more like a collapsing of consciousness.

So I feel like rather than a bridge opening up and reiki running and my psychic senses extending across that bridge, I kind of feel like I collapse into where they're, they are. And, uh, when I first started it was a bit of a jump to light speed and aof and, you know, but it's, it's mellowed now, thank God. 'cause it was a bit gidding. Um, but I, on a, on a good day when I'm well and I'm clear, um, I can perceive, uh, if they've got an animal with them, like a physical animal, I even pick up colors in that room. I know where the

natural source of light is. It's not super crystal clear, but I, I'm definitely, my awareness is, is, with them and, uh,

and they feel it, you know, so a lot of my clients, obviously during lockdowns, we all had to move to distance healing, [01:03:00] but a lot of them kept with distance healing, even if they're here in Singapore because it seems to be more palpable for them.

It's interesting, isn't it?

Amanda Parker: It really is, I mean, it's such a powerful modality and I mean, I have experience, my own experience of reiki, so I have an innate understanding of. Really, I mean, innate, not a learned understanding

of how many doors that it really opens. So if someone comes into your practice for the first time, let's say that they're coming to meet you face to face, what could they expect?

Because all of these stories, you know, maybe by now it's like, Ooh, what do they expect when they come in and they say, okay, I'm here for my reiki session.

Danielle Van de Velde: Okay, so, so what does the session, typical session look like? Yeah, okay. So, um, obviously I'm very, very friendly Aussie gal, you know, so I, I, I make sure before anyone comes into my healing room, [01:04:00] I make sure that it's completely energetically cleansed. And I will do that, um, through the common modalities.

I will do that usually through sound or through Sacred Smoke. Um, Sage, um, I've got my own ways of clearing. I hire healing rooms, and so it's really, uh, so I, different healers use the rooms.

Um, so it's very important for me that it's squeaky clean, it's neutral, it's stabilized, and, um, it's, it's clear. Um, so I do that, and I do that in between clients as well, so there's no imprint of energy from the last session. So every client comes into an energetically hygienic space. Um, I will talk with them first. So, um, I will not for very long. Um, and I don't wanna hear their life story because I much prefer to trust the intuitive psychic read during the session. But I will ask them why they're here and, and I will [01:05:00] ask them whether they've experienced reiki before. Um, and if they haven't, I will give them a heads up on what it feels like. I ask, um, if they're, if I have their permission to touch their body, I prefer touch. Um, some reiki pr, you don't have to for reiki. Some reiki practitioners don't touch. I like touch, I think, I think there's enormous healing in touch alone.

And, uh, and I, I think you'd be surprised how many people come in who just need touch, you know? Um. So I ask if I can touch them. Um, I'm already psychically connecting with them. So, uh, they may say, oh, I get all these blocks in my career, and I, and, and I've, I've lost my purpose. And that might be why they've come in, but already I, I'm psychically sensing where that may be coming from. Um, I tell them what to expect energetically. Um, I, I. I get ask them to lie down on the healing bed. Um, I make sure they're comfortable. Um, [01:06:00] I ask 'em if they want a cover over them or not. You know, some people like to, they feel safer that way. Um, I tell them that, um, if, if at any time they feel uncomfortable or they wanna share anything they can.

But generally I work in silence. Um, I've, I've got beautiful music. Um, I will guide them in a meditation, much like you did before we started talking. So I will guide them in a meditation, which helps 'em really arrive. So to disconnect from anything that they're bringing in with them and just really arrive there, um, and relax.

Um, um, and then I start, uh, I, I do, I do a blessing. So I will, um, I'll burn a bit of sage. I will walk around them. I will dedicate the time and the space. I'll dedicate them, I'll dedicate me into their service. And I say all that out loud. Um, and, uh, and, and for them, especially if they haven't had it before, they know, okay, we've started, you know, um, [01:07:00] and then I typically, I still do typically follow, even though I've been doing it for yonks, the traditional reiki hand positions. But the difference is I will go down the body and I will ground them, but then I will go back up. And when I go back up, I'm testing my psychic information. And, and so the reiki, my session's are one hour. The Reiki will run for 40, 45 minutes. Um, I'll get them back up very, I seal them in with a sound movement.

I've got beautiful, uh, sound bowls and that actually sort of. Kind of zips them back up, if you like, so they're ready to go back outside into the normal world. Um, I'll get them up, I'll get them a glass of water that's very important to stay hydrated after reiki. Um, and then we will unpack what psychic guidance came through for them and also what sensations and things were coming through for them as well.

So, [01:08:00] uh, very often someone will have a predominant color, which seems to flood their mind. There's always a correspondence to that. Um, you know, I had a beautiful example the other day where a woman came in who had a series of just misadventure in a life, you know, with, um, items being lost on a move. Um, just bad luck, what we would call bad luck, right? Um, and what was incredible is when we started the session in my psychic awareness, this huge angel. Appeared at the end of the bed in that beautiful lapis lali blue. And I, I, I don't, I love the idea of angels, but they, they're not my go-to sort of spirit beings or guides, you know? But, but, but I, you know, I was raised a Catholic, so I've grown up with the existence of angels and I, and I love, um, Kabbalah and uh, these sort of ancient Middle Eastern, uh, faiths, you know, that Islam as well, that recognize the existence of angels.

So I'm cool with the [01:09:00] idea of angels, but I don't, I couldn't say I have a working relationship with an angel. Anyway, there was Archangel Michael, and, well, an impression at least of Archangel Mar, whether it was the actual big a a m. That's to be debated. But, but uh, anyway, it was very, very prevalent and uh, and uh, and, and a lot of other information came through.

But when I got her up, got a glass of water and I started to relay what I perceived, um, I said, you've got an affinity with angels. And she was really, uh, you know, and I was so sure of it. I just said that I didn't ask her. And I said, and in particular you've been praying a lot to Archangel Michael. And she said, whoa. She said, how do you know? And I said, because it's working. Because the frequency of that pattern of Archangel Michael is very, very apparent in your ORIC field. And

Amanda Parker: Wow.

Danielle Van de Velde: that was enough for her. To feel confident and [01:10:00] victorious and to go back to the injustices and to correct them because she came into me saying, I feel like I need to walk away, but it doesn't feel right. And so, you know,

there was a lot of other stuff that came out in the session. But um, so that's the sort of relaying, and there can be coaching in that. It can be if I'm, uh, if I'm over, if someone's got sort of tummy issues, very often I will taste psychically what their body needs. So I will taste, uh, like a metallic taste.

It's, it's called Cle gustin, the, the psychic Sense. I'll know they're really low on minerals or iron or magnesium, and sure enough, they will take, start to take supplements and then whatever their issue is will go. Um, so the psychic information's quite good,

especially if you're dealing with a physical habit change.

Um, but anyway, we talk, we, we talk about that, and that's recorded, that's [01:11:00] sent to them afterwards. And with any tools, any guided practice, any journaling prompts, anything that I think is, can help them related to that inquiry. So they've got a little bit of homework to go away with and, um, that's what it looks like.

Amanda Parker: That's also, I know because you do the healing sessions, and we won't go into all of the teaching that you do now, but you also help people to become healers. I know that I have taken your online course on intuitive healing

and you partner that the intuitive healing then with an in-person, attunement for people who wanna go that route or take that path.

Um, and that, I find it really remarkable. I guess you already know this, but reiki is not the same for everyone. People practice it in very different ways, but your particular flavor of reiki. Brings all of this to the table. It brings the psychic information, it brings the [01:12:00] coaching, the healing. It brings these elements of mediumship that you were discussing earlier,

and that is powerful healing.

Danielle Van de Velde: Yeah. Well, I, I think it's holistic and sustained healing and I'm more interested in that. Like my, I I, my preference would be that, uh, my repeat clients get to a point where they just never have to come back.

Amanda Parker: Hmm.

Danielle Van de Velde: Like a, a proper transformative, healing experience where they, they're game changes. That's what I'm interested in. And, and I think that's sort of what gets facilitated because that is my area of intrigue and curiosity and constant, you know, discovery. Um, but, but I'm not, I'm not disparaging at all of, of, of people who seek reiki to relax. You know, it's equally as effective and

Amanda Parker: client of mine is starting, um, her own practice [01:13:00] of sleep reiki, so she's trialing it now for people who really struggle to go to sleep, that they're able to get in touch with her and join a collective sleep Reiki session. She said it helps her to fall asleep. She's practicing, I don't know, with her mom and some close friends at the moment, but,

Danielle Van de Velde: That's a great idea. I love that idea. But we do, there are, um, scientific studies, there are

empirical studies that show the shift in brainwave activity once Reiki starts moving through the system and it, it does move. That's why sometimes it's referred to as a facilitated meditation

because it augments the brainwaves, um, in, in similar ways to slipping quite rapidly into a deep meditative states and, uh, um, and that, you know, that's you, that's what you need to shift your brainwaves to move into your sleep cycle.

Right. So that makes complete sense to me. What a gorgeous offering. Yeah.

Amanda Parker: Yeah, it's really beautiful. Um, it's, it's just fascinating to me because I've always [01:14:00] woven the reiki that I do into my coaching practice. So I don't see people specifically for Reiki, but it's everywhere. It's in the podcast, it's in the coaching. I'm infusing as you call them, the formulas.

So the symbols are all over the place.

Um, but it's really, yeah.

Danielle Van de Velde: that's equally as effective, I think, you know, like, and I can see that, 'cause I also invoke the symbols as part of my preparation of my spade. And so often people will walk into the door of the healing room and just start crying and then they're

confused. They're like, I dunno why I'm crying.

I'm, I'm a very happy person. I said, no, no, no, it's not, it's nothing bad, you know? But you're in a healing space, which has got very, very active energy in it, and your system knows it, and it's already starting to release what needs to come out today, you know? But I have to say as well that not everybody who sees me has got a problem. You know, like I, I've got some brilliant regular, um, [01:15:00] clients who I've worked with for years who just patch in because it also expands their awareness and their psychic senses and, and they, you know, we, we joke, we call it the 12 K grease and oil changes, like just the get go. They're just coming in for a servicing, you know, and those conversations are brilliant afterwards, you know, because you're not, you're not sort of addressing any, any imbalance at all.

You, you're actually going way more into what's possible and what's next, and what are you consciously generating in your life and so on. So, so it's Reiki is not just for, um, uh, you know, a problem.

Amanda Parker: So for everyone who's listening now and going, okay, I wanna know more, how can people get in touch with you? What can they get in touch with you for?

Danielle Van de Velde: Okay, so, uh, obviously they can get in touch for a private session. Um, I, I'm running a really long lead time though, so it, it, you have to wait about three or four months to

get in to see [01:16:00] me. Um, so, but I do have over a hundred healers now in my community that have trained with me, that have been attuned by me and, um, I've got a directory and they're really solid healers and they're also taken my training and then evolved it and synergized it with other stuff that they're doing.

So we've got a lot of Reiki coaches in there. We've got a lot of reiki, homeo homeopaths in there. Um, you know, there are reiki sound healers in there. So there's, so that's on my directory at and only the people listed on the directory are at practitioner level and they're also actively seeing clients.

So you can't, not just, you've gotta be ready, um, to get on my directory, but that's on my website. Um. I've got a, a, a beautiful membership, which I launched last year called Spirited Living with And this, uh, explores all sorts of beautiful spiritual content in a community. [01:17:00] We do quests together. Um, there are little mini talks. There are, um, tons of online meditations, meditation, guidance. Uh, I've got master classes of amazing people coming in and running different master classes. Um, and that's a global community. So, and there's live coaching as well with me every month, um, across different time zones as well. And, uh, so that's, that's sort of probably my most recent offering, but it's growing and it's beautiful. It's beautiful. Um, uh, so that, that enables spirited living with lots of great content and inspiration. You can tap my podcast. You can read my book, you can send me an email, whatever you like.

Amanda Parker: So I'm gonna just say for everyone listening that um, definitely experiencing some of the healing through Dani's network of healers is an incredibly valuable way to begin. I am a member of your spirited [01:18:00] living community, so I can say wholeheartedly that this is absolutely worth it for anyone who's curious, wants to go deeper and do that in a community of others who are also seeking that deeper meaning and connection, and people are also able to sign up to train with you.

That's right.

Danielle Van de Velde: Yep. They can. Uh, so this is my current quandary with the training, um, with the intuitive healing training. So, uh, there, there's an online component to it, but during Covid I spoke with my reiki master and I said, well, I can't attune people unless I do it by distance. And I know a lot of people do that. Still, in my view, I think it's better. In person. And so I've got people that fly into Singapore for that. Um, but you can do the online component of my material and then also find a reiki master who can attune you where you're at. [01:19:00] Um, but if you wanted tune it with me at the moment, I, I'm only doing them in Singapore.

Um, but thankfully that hasn't deterred people.

Amanda Parker: No, it's a great place to go. Vacation,

Danielle Van de Velde: Yeah, it is, it

is. Good

Amanda Parker: in, do some healing.

Danielle Van de Velde: Have some chicken, rice. Yeah.

Amanda Parker: And just to be able to share some additional resources. Are there any other teachers or authors or books that you would recommend for someone who just wants to learn a bit more about reiki or get a different understanding of what it is or how to engage?

Danielle Van de Velde: You. Well, look, there's a lot and,

uh, you know, I've got a few blog posts on my website. I write about it in my blogs. You can just tap those. Um, and I write about it in my book spirited as well. Um, uh, there's, uh, Elaine, um, Grundy is, she was the reiki master here in Singapore. She's back in the uk. She wrote a book called Reiki, pure and Simple, and [01:20:00] that's required reading on my course. It breaks it right down. She's a brilliant reiki practitioner. She's a great teacher, but she breaks it right down to, it's a very small, easy book. So I, I recommend that I get all my students to read that as part of my course material. Um, that's a good one.

Um, and I, I just think that the general move for anyone who's going, wow, this sounds amazing, I wanna get my spirit game on, um, is to start to just. Carve out a little bit of every day, a little bit of time every day to give to your spirit, whether that's meditating or yoga, or walking somewhere gorgeous outside. And just allowing yourself to start to sense non-obvious energy. And when you step towards it, it steps towards you and that, you know, that that would be a start to is, uh, a little bit of meditation or meditative practice in whatever form that takes every [01:21:00] day.

Just like you eat every day,

you've gotta feed your spirit every day as well.

Amanda Parker: Brilliant. I have taken a lot of your time. Very gratefully. Thank you so, so, so much for. Not just sharing generously, but really your storytelling capacity is incredible. This, I really could keep you on here and ask more questions, but I know that, uh, there's a limit here too. So I really appreciate, well, just the passion that you have for what you do, the way that you share it, the way that you open people's eyes to what's really possible.

It's so beautiful. I'm so, so grateful to have you here.

Danielle Van de Velde: Oh, Amanda, it is been an absolute pleasure and, uh, and, and the feeling is very mutual. You know, I just absolutely love what you create and what you're putting out. I'm always looking for what you're doing next as well. So, um, I'm, [01:22:00] I'm really grateful that, um, you gave me a slot on don't step on the Bluebells because I, I think this is, it's gonna go large.

It's going large, you know, so I'm, I'm happy I'm in the lineup, but, uh, it's always a pleasure, honey. It's great to talk to you.

Amanda Parker: Well, thanks everyone for tuning into this episode of Don't Step On the Bluebells. You'll find all of the information you need about how to get in touch with Dani and her book and the community and everything in the show notes. Don't forget to download the pod sheet for this week's episode, and we will see you next time.

Thanks for listening.