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    Helene Stetsenko- Healing with Dance (#006)

    Integrative somatic practitioner Helene Stetsenko joins Amanda Parker on the show to discuss using intuitive movement and dance for holistic healing and realignment. She shares how expressive movement can help release suppressed emotions, clear energy blocks, and reconnect you with your body's wisdom. Read the full Show Notes below!

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  • “There is no such thing as perfect timing...don't hesitate or wait to start living your best life if you feel so, because you may end up spending more time planning than actually living this experience.”

    - Helene Stetsenko

  • Today's Guest


    After more than 15 years of successful career in business, Helene left her job of a Director of Risk at a listed International company to become a certified Integrative Somatic practitioner, a specialist that uses various methods & techniques to develop body intelligence, mind-body connection. Her favorite method is intuitive dance and movement. Dance was her passion from an early age and in her free time she traveled around the world practicing different dance styles.


    Before getting her certification, she had been applying somatic methods for years, but did not feel comfortable to share that knowledge widely given her career path, for years these topics were a taboo in the business world. But now her mission is to guide people on their journey of developing mind-body connection and living a happy and fulfilled life on individual, enterprise and society level.


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  • Show Notes

    In this week's episode of Don't Step on the Bluebells, host Amanda Parker has an insightful discussion with integrative somatic practitioner Helene Stetsenko about using intuitive movement and dance for healing. They explore the idea of healing as a journey to return to your optimal state of wellbeing and equilibrium by reconnecting with your body's inner wisdom.


    Helene shares how engaging in expressive, intuitive movement helps release suppressed emotions, clear energy blockages, and realign you with your natural state of wholeness. She explains how observing your own posture and movement patterns reveals emotional and energetic blockages you may be unknowingly holding onto. Making small, ongoing adjustments to how you hold and move your body, and paying attention to subtle signals from your body's intuition is key - even if it contradicts outside expectations or ingrained patterns.


    Helene guides a beautiful meditation for cleansing and smoothing your personal energetic sphere through visualization, breathwork, and mindful movement. She emphasizes not waiting for the "perfect moment" but rather aligning with your soul's purpose starting now, by having the courage to live your best life. Overall, the discussion provides valuable insights on how our bodies have an innate capacity for holistic healing and wisdom that we can access by getting in touch with our natural, instinctive movement.


    PLUS - don't miss the powerful guided meditation from Helene at the end of the episode!

    Key Takeaways

    • Our bodies have innate wisdom and healing abilities that we can access through mindful movement and dance. By listening internally, we can release blockages and return to wholeness.
    • Healing is about returning to your optimal state of wellbeing and equilibrium. It's an internal journey of reconnecting with yourself.
    • Intuitive, free-form movement and dance can help release suppressed emotions, clear energy blocks, and reconnect you with your body's wisdom.
    • Observing your posture and how you move reveals insights about emotional and energetic blockages you may be holding.
    • Small, ongoing adjustments to your posture and gait can help relieve chronic pain and realign your body.
    • Traditional medicine treats symptoms but holistic healing addresses root causes like past traumas and emotional issues.
    • Listening to your body's signals and your intuition is crucial, even if it goes against outside expectations.
    • Begin to move in whatever way feels good to you, without judgment or need to perform. Reconnect with your inner creative, intuitive dancer.
    • Your personal energetic sphere can be cleansed and smoothed through visualization, breathwork, and mindful movement of your hands and body.
    • Healing and aligning with your purpose is an ongoing journey of self-evolution, not a single destination. Start living your best life now.
  • What We Talked About

    • Healing as the journey of returning to your optimal state of wellbeing and equilibrium and reconnecting with your inner wisdom.
    • How to release suppressed emotions, clear energy blocks, and reconnect you with your body through movement.
    • Paying attention to your posture and how you hold your body, and understanding where they might originate from as well as how they might be impacting you on a daily basis.
    • How to make small, incremental changes within your body and movements to shift how you feel.
    • The importance of listening to your body's signals, even if it contradicts outside expectations. Honoring your intuition.
    • Helene's journey from corporate career to healing - prompted by her body 'sending strong signals'. Her holistic self-healing.
    • Traditional medicine treats symptoms, holistic healing addresses root causes like past trauma and emotional issues.
    • Don't wait for the 'right moment' to align with your purpose and live your best life. Start now.

    Guest Quotes

    • "I believe people have a certain super power in their body to heal themselves."
    • "The more we are connected to ourselves, the more efficient we can use all the resources, external, internal, to go back to this well-being."
    • "This connection between mind and body...knowing how to breathe, how to posture your body also helps to reverse your internal emotional state."
    • "It's about training the muscle of this core strength, spiritual core strength."
    • "When you hear dance, you imagine a ballerina on stage...and then like you think about what others will think when I move. And then like some people need to drink before, because otherwise they don't feel relaxed enough."
    • "You don't have to have any kind of experience even if you never danced in your life it can work for you maybe even better and you will rediscover a creative part of yourself that you have never met before."
    • "There is no such thing as perfect timing...don't hesitate or wait to start living your best life if you feel so, because you may end up spending more time planning than actually living this experience."
    • "As children, we often felt not in control of our body. I often felt not in control of my body as a child. And it really bothered me."
    • "I'm uncovering these healing superpowers of the human body. I'm uncovering it in myself. I'm uncovering it in this higher subconscious. And I'm sharing these powers with other people."
    • "This journey started very early age. And also as I'm talking now about intuitive movement as a child and later on I was always passionate about dance, about movement, about this connection, innate connection with our body."
    • "It's about holistic healing, so that's why we had to go through more in depth."
    • "My body started to give me strong signals, I started to have panic attacks. I had pain in my stomach, weakness, I had heart palpitations, like I feared that I will faint at any point of time."
    • "But I knew that it will not get better so I just had a lot of effort healing myself through all the methods that I learned before the repetic, holistic approach, also dance."
  • Resources to Learn More

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  • Terms & Tools to Dig Deeper

    • Ayurveda - An ancient Indian system of holistic medicine and wellness.
    • Breathwork - Conscious breathing techniques to calm the nervous system, release suppressed emotions, and enter meditative states.
    • Dance - Expressive movement and dance to release energy, connect with the body's wisdom, and facilitate healing.
    • Embodiment - The process of becoming more present, aware, and grounded in your physical body.
    • Energetic blocks - Disruptions or imbalances in the energy field that can manifest as physical or emotional issues.
    • Equilibrium - A balanced, optimal state of being.
    • Holistic healing - Addressing the whole self by integrating mind, body, and spirit. Considering root causes rather than just symptoms.
    • Inner wisdom - The innate intelligence and guidance that comes from deep within yourself.
    • Intuitive movement - Spontaneous movement guided by inner bodily sensations rather than cognitive control.
    • Meditation - Focusing the mind to go beyond thoughts and enter higher states of consciousness and inner stillness.
    • Mindful movement - Moving the body with conscious awareness and attention in the present moment.
    • Modalities - Methods or techniques used for healing and wellness, e.g. yoga, meditation, breathwork.
    • Optimal wellbeing - A state of health, comfort, and balance at the peak of one's potential.
    • Personal energetic sphere - The energy field immediately surrounding your body.
    • Posture assessment - Evaluating the alignment, movement patterns, and positions of the body to identify areas of tension or imbalance.
    • Reiki - A healing practice that channels life force energy through the hands to accelerate healing.
    • Root cause - The original underlying factor that first created an issue or symptom.
    • Somatic healing - Practices that integrate mind and body to facilitate health and wellbeing.
    • Tools/Techniques - Specific methods or processes used for healing or self-improvement.
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine - A holistic system of health and wellness incorporating acupuncture, herbs, massage, etc.
    • Trauma - Emotional wounds or pain caused by distressing events, either large or small, that get trapped in the mind/body.
    • Visualization - The practice of generating mental images to affect inner states.
    • Yoga - An ancient practice integrating breath control, meditation, and physical postures to balance mind, body, and spirit.
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